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For marketing teams

We are happy to review your products. That said ERide Journal is NOT a customer. As much as we wish we could buy every PEV on the market, it does not support our business model. For us to create content, it is an investment on our end. While we do appreciate affiliate codes, it is not a fair exchange in lue of providing a sample. If your team is also lean, then we are willing to forgo our affiliate commissions until we cover the cost of the PEV sent over. Asking us to review a product without having the opportunity for a test ride will diminish our credibility. We do want to test your product and expose it to a larger audience. If getting featured is something you’re team is interested, shoot us an email at

For Independent Riders / Content Creators

Please contact us via email and/or social media. We are always looking for new riders, new PEVs to review, and new perspectives. We are happy to share your content with our audience and love a collaborative spirit!!

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ERide Journal

Nick riding an InMotion V11 at Mission Bay

Who We Are

Nick Varga is the Founder and Chief Riding Officer at His aim? Simple. Spreading the love of electric wheels and building a community of passionate people to geek out with.

For this, we drafted an all star content team of fellow riders to help put together the most objective E-Rider content on the web.