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Veteran Sherman


Fastest EUC of 2021

Veteran Sherman Basic Stats & Overview

After testing this electric unicycle on the streets and offroad, it is clear that the Veteran Sherman is not an electric unicycle for the faint of heart. With a wicked-fast speed, a surprising amount of agility, and a listed maximum range of 100-miles, this is an electric unicycle that appeals to experienced riders who want to get more out of their one-wheel experiences.

The Veteran Sherman has a 100v 2300wh Panasonic battery, a 2500w motor, dual cooling fans, a 20 inch wheel, and dual charge ports which for a fully depleted battery takes about 8 hours to charge. At peak power output, the Veteran Sherman can reach a ludicrous top speed of 45 mph! The pedals are a nice narrow size and the pedal angle helps protect against unnecessary pedal scraping.

The grip tape on these pedals is very sticky and at no point riding do you feel as though you are going to slip off. The LCD panel display speed limit settings set you up to win with easy to access information that is customizable alongside other performance attributes. After messing with some of the settings inside the LCD interface, it is easy to see how riders will have no problem accessing different riding modes and tweaking the overall experience to their liking.

The Veteran Sherman also comes equipped with other standard electric unicycle essentials such as braking warning lights, tail light turning, dual input charge ports, an anti-scratch metal frame, and is also waterproof with short circuit protection. After seeing many riders use the Veteran Sherman in the rain, It’s safe to say that short of jumping into a body of water, the Veteran Sherman is good to go.

Taking a look at the Veteran Sherman’s body, the first thing that pops out is its size and weight. Coming in at a net weight of 77 pounds, this thing is beefy and is not something I would want to have to carry up a flight of stairs. Luckily, there is a trolly handle that works very well allowing you to easily shuttle your wheel from your doorstep to the street.

The increased weight makes sense when you take into account the larger battery pack, 20 inch wheel, metal bars, integrated display, and increased motor power. However, despite the weight, riding the Veteran Sherman remains as easy as any other electric unicycle. It is impressive that the net weight doesn’t seem to affect the high speeds the Veteran Sherman is capable of achieving, and combined with its long-range, helps ease that common range anxiety many riders feel when their battery status is in question.

The overall design of the Veteran Sherman seems almost industrial. Unlike the Inmotion V12, there are no exterior LEDs or an accompanying app where you can access the Veteran Sherman’s settings. There is a large LCD panel screen that allows you to adjust a lot of parameters that affect your riding experience and after riding the Veteran Sherman for a while, I don’t miss any of the extra features this wheel doesn’t have. The battery range is listed as 100 miles, but practically using this electric unicycle at a range of speeds I would say a 70 to 80 mile range is more realistic.

There is a built-in low battery protection alarm that starts to beep when you are running out of juice. The Veteran Sherman is also the first electric unicycle that has a roll cage, which speaks volumes about the type of rider they have in mind for this electric unicycle. It is clear that the folks who designed the Veteran Sherman wanted to focus on performance above all else, and to put it plainly they succeeded.

Testing the Veteran Sherman on the streets

Riding this electric unicycle is nothing short of a pure adrenaline rush. Although other electric unicycles achieve many of the same milestones as the Veteran Sherman, none of them can truly compete at the high speed this one wheel can achieve. But even more impressive than its speed is its overall balance. For an electric unicycle that goes so fast, it remains incredibly agile and has a large enough battery capacity for everyday commutes as well as off-road adventures for long distances.

It is worth noting that at the time of writing this review, there is a new Veteran Sherman max that boasts an even faster speed and improved performance but is currently on backorder and won’t be shipping until 2022.

Choosing the right wheel for the Veteran Sherman

So with the purchase of the Veteran Sherman, you have two options for wheels that you can switch out of the body. The first is the knobby 20 inch tire size which is wider and overall more stable at top speeds. The second is the street tire size which is more nimble, has less of an issue with pedal scraping, and is overall a smoother riding experience as long as you are under 35 mph. At higher speeds, the street tire can get a bit wobbly and potentially unsafe. Although I wouldn’t recommend the Veteran Sherman for any brand new riders, even experienced riders should make sure the wheel they choose is the right one for their own riding style.

What is interesting about the street tire is that it really does provide a better riding experience in almost all ways on paved roads as long as you stay under that 35 mph range. At lower speeds, it is more nimble, there is less pedal scraping, and you generally feel a greater sense of control and connection between your feet and the electric unicycle. But seeing as most riders purchasing this electric unicycle probably have that advertised 45 mph top speed in mind, and also probably want to be able to go on unpaved trails, I think the stock knobby 20 inch wheel remains the best choice overall if you had to pick just one.

The 20 inch wheel body still handles very well, is fast, nimble, and has the added benefit of effortlessly going offroad and offers you that extra bit of confidence at very high speeds. And let’s face it, no one wants to have to change wheel settings when they don’t absolutely have to, so the knobby wheel wins for simplicities sake alone.

Conclusion: Is the Veteran Sherman right for you?

The Veteran Sheram is one of the most badass wheels currently on the market. If speed and overall performance is the most important thing for you, the Veteran Sherman is a no-brainer. Although it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as the Inmotion V12, many riders will find that they don’t miss them and prefer a simpler machine that just works. As mentioned before, the LCD panel provides easy access to all information and settings you need. Although there is currently no companion app, it is possible that there will be a future app integration calibration down the road.

The only people I wouldn’t recommend this electric unicycle to are first-time riders. When an electric unicycle can so effortlessly push you to 45 mph it is best to already have some experience with other wheels. Regardless of your skill, it is essential that you always wear protective gear when riding and this electric unicycle only emphasizes that necessity.

If you are interested in seeing how this wheel measures up to other electric unicycles, check out our Electric Unicycle Ultimate Buyer’s Guide!

Veteran Sherman


Fastest EUC of 2021

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