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InMotion V12


Great Torque

InMotion V12 Specs & Overview
Top Speed43.5 MPH / 70 KPH
Range70 mil (realistically 45-50 depending on riding style)
Weight64 lbs / 28 kg
Max Weight Capacity265 lbs / 120 kg
Battery1750Wh / 100V
Motor Power2,500 Watt – Axel Driven
Charge Time9 hours
Charge PortsSingle 5 Pin – USB A / USB C
LightstripsMulti-color LED

InMotion V12: A Reorganization Of Priorities

Previously we reviewed the InMotion V11, which at the time of writing was one of the most impressive all-around electric unicycles for both seasoned veterans of the electric unicycle community and first-time buyers. With this new upgrade, the InMotion V12 builds upon aspects of the V11 and the electric unicycle experience. As you will see throughout this review, this is an upgrade that is less about improving every aspect the V11 had to offer, and more about doubling down on certain features which nudge this electric unicycle in one direction vs another. Many riders will absolutely love the InMotion V12, yet depending on your riding style and what you value most in your electric unicycle, you may or may not like the direction InMotion has taken and be saddened that in the pursuit of progress, not all areas have improved and some have actually gotten worse.

Main Differences Between The V11 And The V12

To start the InMotion V11 has a completely different type of wheel than the InMotion V12. The front headlight is a lot better on the V11 than it is on the InMotion V12 and has a more directionally focused beam. The carry handle feels sturdier on the InMotion V12 than on the V11, but the trolley handle on the V11 can also be used as a seat in a pinch which is nice. Overall, the ride comfort is superior and smoother on the V11 because it has a built-in suspension system which has been tossed aside in the interest of more power in the InMotion V12. The InMotion V12 also has a built-in bluetooth speaker system for the first time and also sports some cyberpunk RGB led strips which can be customized inside the InMotion V12 app on your mobile device. According to many first impression reviews, the Bluetooth speaker is surprisingly loud and the atmospheric LED lighting both looks the part and adds another layer of visibility for other motorists especially at night.

The V11 feels more like an off road motorbike. It’s not as fast, but it does have a nice seat, a better headlight, and that extra comfort of a built-in suspension. On the flip side, the InMotion V12 has a 2500W motor and is the first InMotion electric unicycle to be 100V. It can be the beach cruiser or the fast speed power house. It can become the wheel you want it to be. Overall, it seems as though the InMotion V12 is doubling down on the city commuter market and not focusing as much on the off road electric unicycle market. Although you are still able to ride the InMotion V12 in a variety of environments, the lack of sturdy suspension makes it less conducive for off roading than the V11.

Biggest Changes For The InMotion V12

One common theme that you will see repeated throughout many of the most significant changes the InMotion V12 has to offer is the idea that easy-to-use rider customization is key to providing a quality experience to as many people as possible. The two main ways that this is achieved is through the all new touch screen which works alongside the InMotion app, and the ability to raise or lower the pedal height.

Starting with the touch screen, it is placed right at the top of the unit and is surprisingly bright, easy to use, and a nice large size. On the touch screen, you are able to display a variety of different information like speed, range, battery life, and quite a few customizable menus which are also accessible on the InMotion V12 app. Through a combination of the touch screen and app, you are able to customize a lot, the responsiveness of the brakes and acceleration to torque curves being two of the most common examples. Overall the menus are easy to navigate and function without any major hiccups, although it can get quite deep and I would recommend everyone take the time to either read the manual or watch a few Youtube videos to get themselves adequately acclimated to the experience.

The second main new area of customization is with the pedals. On previous models like the V11, the pedals were one set height from the ground whereas on the InMotion V12 you are able to remove them and reattach at one of three different heights; low, medium, and high. To do this, you will need an allen wrench or hex key to unscrew the pedals from the wheel frame, but once they are removed it is very easy to put them back at one of the three adjustable heights.

Benefits Of Adjusting The Pedal Heights

Whether you are a seasoned rider or a first-time customer, the ability to tailor the pedals to your riding style is something new that I expect to be a lasting trend across the industry. When riding in the pedal’s lowest setting, you have the most amount of balance and can most comfortably reach speeds of 40+ MPH on paved roads. This is what is recommended for all beginner riders until they get a feel for riding an electric unicycle. Even many experienced riders choose to leave the pedals adjusted at the lowest setting for maximum speed and optimal balance.

At the highest setting, you are able to make tighter turns without any risk of the pedals scraping the floor. It is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying to be standing much higher off of the ground. At this height, you have the sensation that you are just gliding over the road and have a smoother ride at the expense of the electric unicycle being more difficult to control. The combination of customization inside the inmotion app and the customization available for the pedals and exterior LEDs make the inmotion v12 the most personalized electric unicycle on the market. Weather your main focus is speed, wheel handling, ride quality, range, torque, motor output, or safety, the inmotion v12 customization allows you to personally ride anyway you see fit.

Pushing The InMotion V12 To The Max

The InMotion V12 is listed as having a 2500w motor but honestly, it doesn’t feel like it. When approaching top speeds, there appears to be a type of electronic limiting that creates a tilt lock as you start pushing 41 – 43.5 mph or 67-69 kph. You can technically tap that elusive 40 – 43.5 mph range, but as you get closer there is definitely some noticeable speed deceleration at the top end. There is no way of knowing if that is because they are electronically limiting the speed because they know the motor can’t handle anymore, or if they are concerned that riding any faster is unsafe and they are trying to limit their own liabilities as a company. Perhaps it could even be fixed with a future firmware update. But right now, it seems as though this motor should be able to offer more power and faster top speeds than it can. That being said, if this is your first purchase of an electric unicycle or you just don’t care about squeezing that last mile out of the unit’s speed, then this is still the wheel for you.

Honestly, I think this is the wheel for most people and my previous complaints should be taken more as observations and speculation of Inmotion as a company rather than concrete reasons to buy or not to buy this product. Like with any new technology, electric unicycles are still very new and will surely continue to evolve and transform the ways we commute and experience cities. I look forward to future models that will hopefully push these boundaries even further and appeal more to the hardcore one wheel community as well as the casual rider.

Everyday Maintenance And DIY Fixes

Although we never want to have to get under the hood to fix a problem with an electric unicycle, the reality of owning and regularly using an InMotion V12 is that parts will eventually break down just like any other machine and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, if you are the type of person who enjoys fixing things yourself, the InMotion V12 does not make it easy for you. Taking apart the InMotion V12 is a bit like taking apart a Macbook. It’s clear that InMotion doesn’t really want you digging inside judging by the ways each layer is segmented together. The InMotion V12 is like a well engineered tetris puzzle. Although it is possible to take a part, it’s clear that the engineers who designed the InMotion V12 didn’t want customers poking around unnecessarily. I only say this because other electric unicycle companies make it quite a bit easier to get under the hood when an inevitable fall causes something to break or get dislodged.

Is The InMotion V12 Right For You?

If you are a new rider and this is your first one wheel than the InMotion V12 is without a doubt the electric unicycle for you. As mentioned before, the customization is particularly enticing for new riders and many of the slight transgressions experienced riders will rant about online-only really apply inside very specific contexts that are irrelevant for most riders. Even though there are disappointments to be had, the many new benefits such as the powerful bluetooth speakers and atmospheric LED lighting bring the best of technology to the InMotion V12. The InMotion V12 has a regular price in comparison to other high end electric unicycles on the market but with more bang for your buck than other wheels. It is clear to me that customization is now inherently a part of the InMotion electric unicycle brand, and I look forward to seeing how both new and experienced riders find new ways to fine tune their riding experiences and help push the evolution of all electric unicycles forward.

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InMotion V12


Improved Torque

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