InMotion V11 – Electric Unicycle Review

InMotion V11


A Smooth & Powerful Ride With A Great Suspension System

The InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle

The InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle is built with quality components and modern technology to ensure you get where you need to go quickly, efficiently, and in style. This revolutionary PEV will revolutionize your daily commute and take it to the next level. With its powerful motor, advanced frame, and intuitive controls, this electric unicycle is sure to turn heads as you zip around town. Get ready to experience the thrill of riding a personal transportation device like never before!

InMotion V11 Specs & Overview
Weight59.5 lbs
Top Speed31 MPH
Range57 miles
Max Weight Capacity300 lbs / 136 kg
Motor Power2,200 Watt - Axel Driven
Battery1500 Wh / 84 V
Charge Time3 hours to 80%
Wheel Size18 x 3
Water Resistance RatingIP55


Battery life

Grip tape on pedals


Shocks and suspension



Decent with inclines


🚫 Weight

🚫 Software updates can create usability issues

🚫 Not as fast as other EUCs

🚫 Wish it came with more accessories

InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle Features

The V11 comes equipped with a single charger (stock charger), and its battery status is easily identified on the front of the wheel which lights up beneath the power button.

Additionally, the InMotion V11 also has built-in adjustable suspension, high-performance heat dissipation, the highest quality air suspension, and of course, optimal weight distribution for all you professional riders.

The wheel on the InMotion V11 electric unicycle is 18 x 3 inches. It also features integrated mud flaps and large pedals that are angled inwards slightly to help you plant your feet easily. There is a generous application of grip tape which helps add an extra level of stability, especially at high speeds.

These features help both professional riders and absolute beginners alike have more control and less leg fatigue when riding longer distances.

Front of Wheel

The front of the InMotion V11 has a well-illuminated modern running light to ensure other riders always know where you are. When engaged at full power, the running light becomes the bright front headlight, making night rides both fun and safe. The light is so powerful that it needs a dedicated fan to work properly.

Back of Wheel

On the back of the EUC, the InMotion V11 has a red brake light, above which lies a convenient dual charger with two 3 prong charging cables and an output USB charging port for added convenience. The dual chargers greatly increase both the speed and overall efficiency of the battery inside the InMotion V11 Electric unicycle. The modern design tail lights illuminate when braking. Also on the backside is a kickstand for the wheel to support itself and stand on its own.

InMotion V11 Pedals & Suspension

The air spring pedal suspension really sets the InMotion V11 electric unicycle apart from other EUCs.

In a traditional one wheel, the pedals are attached directly to the hub motor which provides a very direct connection between the rider and the road. However, it also results in very little dampening, which comes mostly from the size of the tire. The bigger the tire, the more dampening on the wheel. There is nothing wrong with this standard feel, but when riding off-road or on uneven surfaces, you will feel every bump, shock, and your top speed will be limited by your ability to maintain control.

In the case of the InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle, the extra wide pedals are not connected to the hub motor. Instead, the InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle connects them to a saddle that goes over the wheel and is connected to the wheel by the means of two adjustable air shocks. This allows the pedals to move independently from the wheel and provides a smooth ride when riding over rough surfaces. As you ride over rough roads and small rocks, the saddle smoothly bounces up and down removing much of the roughness of a traditional ride. This air spring pedal suspension system is vastly superior to the traditional built-in adjustable suspension on previous electric unicycle models.

Overall, the air spring pedal suspension paired with the grip tape really sets the InMotion V11 electric unicycle apart from other EUCs.

InMotion App

The app allows you to set your speed settings, track riding stats usage habits, and keep your software up to date. When you hit the top speed that have set in your app, the V11 will make a beeping sound and automatically tilt back.

*Pro Tip: If you’re having issues with a software update and you’re not connected to Wifi, hold the power button down until the wheel force quits, turn the wheel back on, and try again.

The Trolley

Underneath the handle on top, there is a trolley release button. Once you press the button, you can lift trolley handle up carry-on mode is activated. This feature is great for walking your EUC through crowded places if you’re not trying to ride.

Free Spin and Spin Kill Features

When you pick up the InMotion V11, understand that the wheel will begin to spin freely. The purpose of this feature is to measure how quickly the wheel spins to determine the motor power. Ultimately, it does not keep the motor cool and it could cause damage to the wheel.

Most EUC’s, if not all have a spin kill button specifically for picking the wheel up to prevent it from spinning freely. Underneath the handle is a spin kill button which can be disabled. One reason for disabling the spin kill button is because it makes the wheel go limp, which could cause falling accidents for inexperienced riders.

A benefit of the free spin feature is that it assists the wheel with getting trollied up steps and curbs as opposed to being carried upstairs.

Is The V11 Recommended For Children?

We recommend the InMotion V11 for a kid based on size, not age. Some kids mature faster than others and handling a wheel of this size depends on physicality.

The wheel itself weighs about 60 lbs and is about 2-3 feet off the ground (depending on whether or not the trolley handle is up). If your child cannot mount the wheel due to height or safely support the weight of the wheel, then the V11 is most likely not a good fit. Additionally, children need to be made aware of the free spin/spin kill features.

That said, if your child can mount the wheel and has the muscle mass to lift the EUC into a car trunk, then it could be a match made in heaven. The V11 is a suspension wheel which allows it to easily absorb bumps in the road. Additionally, the app has a speed setting so parents can control the max speed of the wheel.

Just make sure your children are wearing helmets and proper safety gear and they should be good to go!

Is The V11 Recommended For Senior Citizens?


I met this man in his 70’s. At the time of this photo, he has been riding for about two years. When I asked him if he recommended the V11 to people his age, he seemed to advocate for it wholeheartedly.

To provide a bit more context: This man was not the average senior citizen. He clearly had the more stability, mobility, strength, and awareness to thrive in this realm.

The V11 is the first electric unicycle he had ridden and I asked him if he had any difficulties learning how to ride and how he overcame. It did not sound like learning how to ride was very challenging for him. He attributed his performance and usage habits to a lifetime of being athletic and learning how to ride in a safe and grassy environment with safety gear on.

My takeaway from the experience of meeting this man is that the recommendation for senior citizens who want to ride an InMotion V11 depends on their physicality, awareness, and self-awareness.


The suspension is top notch. 31 mph is a reasonable max speed. I appreciate the automotive quality headlight for riding when it’s dark. I also appreciate the bright responsive brake lights. Overall, the InMotion V11 provides a great time confident ride.

Having ridden a variety of PEVs, I can confidently say that the InMotion V11 electric unicycle is something special. I would consider the InMotion V11 a top choice because of its top performance, good traction, suspension, motor power, and maximum comfort. It is (so far) the smoothest experience I have had on an electric unicycle and I would recommend it to anyone with a $2000 electric unicycle budget.

Whether your looking to ride streets, hills, alleyways, unpaved ground, long-distance commuting, trail riding, or any other type of commute, this electric unicycle provides an optimal riding experience.

Happy Riding!

InMotion V11


A Smooth & Powerful Ride With A Great Suspension System

About The Rider

About The Rider

Nick Varga is a young marketing professional who likes staying active in his free time with hobbies such as weightlifting, hooping, and hopping on an e-ride whenever he can ⚡️

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