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GotWay MTen3


The Smallest Electric Unicycle

Gotway MTen3 10 inch electric unicycle is one of the most compact and affordable electric unicycles available. It includes an 800W motor which is amazing for the cost. The MTen3 also comes in three different battery sizes: 420Wh 67v, 460Wh 84v, & 512Wh 84v. As a result, the MTen3 has a max speed of up to 25 mph and a maximum range of 25-30 miles.

This electric unicycle is equipped with plenty or torque and acceleration and packs a punch for its size. The MTen3 is great for climbing hills and slopes at temperatures as low as 35° making this ideal for urban use and a little off-road cycling. Comes with a quick charging service option which allows you to charge your electric unicycle to a full capacity in about two and half hours.

MTen3 is also available with the all new Steel Black Edition. This edition comes with a lift motor suppression button, that makes it easier for dragging up stairs and curbs. It also comes with standard black sidepads that match the all new shell design. Additionally, it comes with a large brake pedal and an updated LED light scheme was changed from rainbow shape to default white. Lighting mode can be changed on mobile device with the app.

What Are The Pros of The GotWay MTen3?

This electric unicycle is a great for new riders. The fact that the wheel is relatively affordable, makes it a great first wheel. If you are worried about price, the MTen3 might be worth looking into.

Seasoned riders will absolutely love the compact size and portability. The MTen3 is lightweight and easy to carry. Instead of taking up an entire car seat like most electric unicycles, this electric unicycle fits into a backpack. Another feature they will appreciate is the maneuverability. Since the wheel is small, it is easier to control and has a sharper turn radius than most electric unicycles.

What this wheel lacks in speed, it makes up for in fun. So if you are into tricks, then you might want to take a look at the MTen3. Electric unicycle tricks often require jumping and accessories such as pegs. This electric unicycle is ideal because it is lighter than other wheels, allowing you to jump higher.

What Are The Cons of The GotWay MTen3?

The first con of the MTen3 is that you need be selective with where you choose to ride. Small size wheels tend to have a tougher time on uneven surfaces and rougher terrain. This is because the small diameter of the tire takes rocks, pebbles, and potholes much more seriously than wheels with a larger diameter.

This second con of this wheel is the smaller max load. Since the MTen3 is small in both size and weight, it has a max load capacity of 240 pounds. This means that if you are a larger rider, the MTen3 might not be a great wheel for you.

Third and final con really depends on who you are as a rider. If you’re someone who is looking for speed, power, torque, and range, then the MTen3 will only disappoint. You have to remember that this wheel is for beginners or experienced riders who are looking downsize or expand their collection.

Recommended for children

For kids who want to get into riding electric unicycles, the MTen3 is the ideal place to start. Smaller children will not have to worry about exceeding the max load. Additionally, this electric unicycle is lower to the ground, making the MTen3 easier to mount and dismount. Just make sure your little one is wearing a helmet with pads, practicing on an open field, and you should be good to go.

My Personal Opinion

Having ridden larger wheels, I can definitely say that this wheel serves its purpose. Larger wheels might have more motor power, durability, and range, but the MTen3 is still fun to ride. I’m not too concerned with the max speed, range, or weight capacity but I do have to be mindful of my surroundings because of how it handles.

Something I do like about the MTen3 is that it is much less awkward to carry around. Since EUCs are still relatively new, they draw a lot of attention. One thing I’ve noticed is the bigger the wheel, the more it attention it garnishes. I think large wheels are extremely fun to ride but sometimes I’m trying to be more lowkey. With that said, I’m not always trying to have a bulky piece of equipment that everyone stares at. The MTen3 may not be my go-to wheel, but it has certainly earned its place in my fleet.

Final Takeaways

If you’re shopping around and looking the purchase your first electric unicycle, the MTen3 might be the one. The wheel is light, has the most affordable price, and fun for riders of all levels. If you are interested in seeing how this wheel measures up to other electric unicycles, check out our Electric Unicycle Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

GotWay MTen3


The Smallest Electric Unicycle

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About The Rider

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