Begode Master – Electric Unicycle Review (2024)

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Begode Master


The Fastest Electric Unicycle On Earth

Begode Master Specs & Overview
Top Speed56 mph / 90 kmh
Max Range89 miles (while averaging 18 mph)
Weight79 lbs / 36 kg
Battery2,400 Wh
Torque Motor3,500 Watts
Max Voltage134.4V/102.4V
Wheel Size20 x 3
Suspension Travel80mm / 3:15 in Adjustable Dampening
Shock Absorbing Suspension System

What is the most powerful electric unicycle? The Begode Master!

The Begode Master is the Fastest EUC Known To Man

Begode Master: The Most Powerful Electric Unicycle Known To Man

When it comes to speed, there has never been an electric unicycle faster than the Begode Master. This bad boy is said to be able to reach a top speed of up to 56 mph. While we’re not planning on testing the Master out for ourselves or know any riders brave enough to confirm, we’ll have to take Begode’s word for it. Just make sure you’re wearing safety gear and are aware of the risks if you plan on finding out if the wheel is as fast as it claims.

With a battery pack of 2,400Wh, the Begode Master electric unicycle has one of the largest battery packs (in terms of battery capacity) on the market. This battery capacity allows for a range of up to 89 miles when averaging 18 mph. Considering the Begode Master’s top speed, we would recommend not trying to test this range out as you will quickly find yourself running out of juice.

The Begode Master electric unicycle is also equipped with a 3500w torque motor, which is one of the most powerful motors available on an electric unicycle. When combined with the large battery pack, this makes for long-range ride with an insane top speed.

The Begode Master Battery Option

When it comes to battery options and the Begode Master, here is what to expect:

The wheel comes with two different battery types. The Samsung 50E has a longer range at a lower price. The Molicel P42a has a lower range, but is able to maintain a higher speed at low voltage.

When deciding between the Molicel P42a and the Samsung 50e, it really comes down to preference and price. If you want to save a couple bucks and have a battery that takes you far, the Samsung 50e is the way to go. For those who are more concerned with top speed or free spin speed, the Molicel P42a is a great battery option.

The Begode Master also comes with a quick charger that can fully charge the battery with a load speed of 2 hours. Additionally, Begode offers a 1 year warranty on the battery and charger.

Outside of Speed and Power

One thing to note about the Begode Master electric unicycle is that it does not come with pedals. This may be a turn off for some people but we think it just makes the Begode Master electric unicycle that much more unique.

The EUC also has a shock-absorbing suspension system with adjustable damping. This is a great feature to have if you plan on taking the Begode Master off-road. This makes for a smooth ride on all terrains and road conditions.

The max weight limit on the Begode Master is 250 lbs, making it great for those who are looking for a bit more power. The Begode Master electric unicycle comes with a standard charger, but there is also an optional fast charger available for purchase. The Begode Master electric unicycle has LED lights (head and tail lights), as well as a horn, making it safe to ride in both day and night.

Begode Master, Black. Front Top

Is the Begode Master Electric Unicycle Safe For Kids?

First and foremost, you need to consider the EUCs size, weight, and speed. While it is technically possible for a child to ride this unicycle, we would not recommend it. The Begode Master is simply too large, the weight is too heavy, and the 3500w torque motor generates a high top speed that is too fast for most children. Even if your child is an experienced rider, we still recommend you steer clear of the Begode Master electric unicycle. For children, we would recommend smaller electric unicycles with a less intimidating top speed such as the Gotway MTen3.

Is the Begode Master Electric Unicycle Safe For Adults?

The Begode Master electric unicycle is also not particularly safe for adults. This is due to the same reason as mentioned above; the Begode Master is simply too large, the weight is too heavy, and goes too fast. If you are an experienced rider and are looking for a challenge, then the Begode Master might be right up your alley. However, if you are new to riding EUCs or are looking for a leisurely ride, we recommend electric unicycles with less size and power.

Is the Begode Master Waterproof?

The Begode Master is not waterproof and should not be ridden in wet conditions. This is due to the fact that the Begode Master is not equipped with proper seals and gaskets to keep water out. Riding the Begode Master electric unicycle in the rain or in other wet conditions can damage the unicycle and void the warranty.

What We Like About The Begode Master

Here are some things we do like about the Begode Master

  • Battery capacity
  • Suspension system with a reverse chamber
  • Torque
  • Max Range
  • Speed

We have to elaborate on speed for a moment because we are very impressed with the speed and all, but there’s a lot to unpack. Most PEVs are not built for extreme performance. As a result, riders are experiencing more power than they are used to.

What we don’t Like About The Begode Master

One thing that the Begode Company did not do for riders was make the wheel convenient. The kickstand has an off center of gravity, so the wheel is easy to topple. The weight of the Master makes it difficult to carry, and the hand trolly performance is not the best.

Safety Concerns

While we do appreciate what Begode Wheels was able to accomplish, the speed of the wheel is a bit of a concern. Experienced riders will have the instincts to know how to safely test wheel within their limits. Our concern is for the unexperienced riders that won’t know how to handle the power. Additionally, reviews of previous Begode battery fire incidents raise speculation.

What We Would Like To See Improved

In the next edition, it would be cool to see if the manufacturer can somehow downsize this EUC and maintain all other specs. To elaborate, if the wheel just weighed a little less, it would be much more convenient. Additionally, it would be nice to see an upgraded kickstand that is much more sturdy.

The last item is less of an improvement and more of a reassurance, but we would like to feel more confident with the battery packs that are being sent out. For that to happen, more riders are going to need to test the Master out and leave reviews.

There isn’t much the company can do now, but time will tell.

When Can I Purchase My Begode Master?

Pre-order began in May 2022 and the first Begode Masters are making their way to their riders! There’s a few places you can purchase your wheel, but we always suggesting riding with eWheels.

The Begode Master electric unicycle has a regular price of $3,250, with a $500 deposit and a $2,750 balance on arrival. That said, those who did pre-order did have a chance to save some money (which is why we always recommend you pre-order). Additionally, there are more payment options on the eWheels platform as well.

Begode Master, Black. Right Rear Top Oblique


Overall, the Begode Master is a great electric unicycle and is packed with features that make it stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a fast and powerful ride with plenty of torque, range, and you’re willing to sacrifice convenience such as size and weight for extreme performance then the Begode Master will deliver!

If you are interested in seeing how this wheel measures up to other electric unicycles, check out our Electric Unicycle Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Begode Master


The Most Powerful Electric Unicycle On Earth

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