WaveShark Electric Surfboards – A Complete Overview

      • Quiet and environmentally friendly operation
      • High-quality construction and materials
      • Long battery life
      • Solid reliability
      • Wrist band for dramatically minimized risk of losing controller
      • Electronic speed controller
      • Easy to use and control
      • The ability to turn sharp corners
      • A user friendly modular design
      • Compact and portable design
      • Suitable for riders of all skill levels

    If you’re interested in the electric surfboard world and are considering purchasing a WaveShark, read on to see what each model has to offer!

    WaveShark Foils

    WaveShark Foils specialize in extended fun time! With a ride time of 180, these foils currently hold the world record for a maximum ride time of 3 hours!

    A hydrofoil (foil) surfboard is a surfboard that is equipped with a hydrofoil system, which consists of a mast and wing. The wing is located underwater and generates lift as the surfboard moves through the water, raising the surfboard out of the water and allowing the surfer to ride on top of the water. Waveshark foils are designed to be light weight, easy to use and suitable for surfers of all skill levels and riding styles. They are made with high-quality materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber and are designed to be durable and perform well in a variety of conditions. Some WaveShark foils are also equipped with stabilizing wings or other features to help improve stability and control while surfing. Actual ride time and maximum speed depends on the rider’s body weight. Additionally, the WaveShark Foil won the 2022 iF Award.

    Foil 2 Explorer


    • Top speed: 28 mph
    • Ride Time: 180 minutes (3 hours)
    • Battery Capacity: 2.6kWh battery
    • Improved hull shape to minimize water resistance
    • Vehicle-grade lithium battery
    • Anti-shock protection
    • 8 power management safety designs
    • 5-level alarm protection mechanism for operational safety
    • High brightness AMOLED monitor displays high visibility in harsh sun exposure or shiny water surface and nighttime rides

    WaveShark Foil 2 Explorer is a type of surfboard that is designed for use in foiling, which is a surfing technique that involves riding on a board with a hydrofoil attached to the underside. The Foil 2 Explorer is specifically designed for intermediate to advanced riders, and features a lightweight carbon fiber construction and a concave deck for improved stability and control. It is intended to be used in a variety of conditions, including waves, flat water, and choppy conditions, and is suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels.

    Foil 2 Sport


    • Top speed: 28 mph
    • Ride Time: 180 minutes (3 hours)
    • Battery Capacity: 2.6kWh battery

    The WaveShark Foil 2 Sport is designed for use in a variety of conditions and is intended to be easy to use for riders of all skill levels. It is made of durable materials such as high strength carbon fiber and has a compact size that makes it easy to transport.

    WaveShark Jetboards

    The WaveShark Jetboard is a type of personal watercraft with an optimized weight distribution that uses a jet propulsion and a modular system to allow the rider to move through the water. These Jetboards are often used for surfing, wakeboarding, and other water sports. WaveShark Jetboards feature dual-protection battery Safety Systems aka “Dual-Safe” GPS Positioning. Another great feature is the the board calculates the remaining battery level to provide a low battery reminder (thanks to the embedded GNSS global GPS system and intelligent processor).

    The boards are built with high strength, ultra-light carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum to guarantee a high anticorrosion ability. This optimizes for weight distribution alongside its bionic fin design. They are operated with a handheld throttle to control the speed settings and direction of the jet propulsion system. Some models may also have additional features such as a handlebar for steering or a built-in seat. Below is an overview of each Jetboard model!

    Jetboard 2 Explorer


    • Top speed: 34 mph
    • Accelerate to 34mph: 5.5 seconds
    • Extended battery: 65 minutes
    • Battery Capacity: 4.5 kWh battery
    • Anti-slip cushion
    • Compact 615mm board hull
    • Sandproof design
    • Ergonomic foot strap with foam materials
    • Controller vibrations

    The WaveShark Jetboard 2 Explorer is perfect for water sport enthusiasts looking for a reliable and powerful jetboard. The board is designed with advanced technology, that ensures stability in waves, and powerful system that makes it easy to take off from the water. The Jetboard 2 Explorer is also designed for durability, with its solid construction and a deck featuring anti-slip surfaces. With the Jetboard Explorer, you’re sure to have an experience unlike any other on the water.

    Jetboard 2 Sport


    • Top speed: 37 mph
    • Accelerate to 37mph: 3 seconds
    • Extended battery: 45 minutes
    • Battery Capacity: 3.6 kWh battery
    • Compact 615mm board hull
    • Controller: Waterproof floatable IPX8 with a wristband
    • Anti-slip cushion
    • Sandproof design
    • Ergonomic foot strap with foam material

    The Waveshark Jetboard 2 Explorer is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an adventurous, water sport junkie! Its high-powered engine and responsive control system will allow you to take on body of water. Its lightweight design simplifies maintenance, transportation, and makes maneuvering easy. Additionally, the adjustable handlebars give you a secure grip. Whether you’re looking to explore waves, rapids, or just cruise around the lake, the Waveshark Jetboard 2 Explorer is perfect for any water enthusiast. With its unique features and unbeatable performance, this jetboard is sure to become your adrenaline-filled companion.

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