Vokboard Pilot Review

Nick Varga test riding the Vokboard Pilot in Pacific Beach

Vokboard Pilot



The Vokboard Pilot Electric Skateboard

If electric skateboards are a main passion of yours, you will love the Vokboard Pilot. The Vokboard Pilot features a powerful motor and a bouncy maple-bamboo deck making it an excellent long distance electric skateboard. 

Vokboard Pilot Specs & Overview
Top Speed28.5 MPH*
Weight18.6 lbs
Range18-22 miles*
Battery Size288 Wh
Motor Power2 x 1200 Watts
Speed Settings4
Charge Time4-5 Hours*
Water ResistanceIPX6
How much do electric skateboards weigh?

Vokboard Pilot on a scale

How To Turn The Vokboard Pilot On & Off

how to turn the vokboard on and off

To turn the board on and off, press the power button on the remote control. Additionally, you need to press the boards’ power button. This is not easy to find as it hides between board’s the backside truck and the LY ESC (electric speed control). Hold the button down until you hear two beeps and the blue light comes on.

Additional Specs & features for the Vokboard Pilot Electric Skateboard

  • Enhanced Truck
  • High Quality Deck made with 7 layers of maple wood and 1 layer of bamboo
  • 6 Months Warranty
  • Great For Beginners & Experienced Riders
  • 90mm PU Wheels
  • Carefully Calibrated LY-FOC ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)


Price to performance ratio

Comes completely assembled

Water resistant

Long lasting battery

Bigger motors and less overheating

Comes with good accessories


🚫 Tough with inclines

🚫 Not great with grassy terrain

🚫 Acceleration is a bit jerky past the second speed mode

🚫 Charge time is lengthy


Once you remove the electric skateboard from the styrofoam packaging and remove the plastic, the board comes charged ready to go! The box comes with other accessories which include:

  • User Manual
  • Rubber Grip Tape Cleaner
  • Wall mount & screws
  • T-Tool
  • Y-Shaped Tool
  • An extra belt
  • Handheld remote
  • Charging cables
  • USB-C cable

The Deck

The Vokboard pilot is made with 7 layers of Canada Maple and 1 layer of bamboo. This combination gives the board plenty of bounce.

On the top of the deck, The Vokboard Pilot features a classic griptape which includes the brand’s logo.

Underneath the deck, you will find the 288 Wh battery covered by a shock-proof case, the LY ESC, and the motor with a sleek all black design. The boards’ shock absorption was less than expected, but the terrain was not as smooth as it looked in the video. This was partly due to the wheels.


Vokboard Pilot Electric Skateboard comes with two different wheel options.

90mm PU Wheels

The Vokboard Pilot Electric Skateboard Standard Build comes equipped with the 90mm PU Wheels. These wheels offer a decent ride but they don’t provide a shock absorbing experience.

105mm Donut Wheels

Photo Credit: Vokboard

For an additional price, customers can add Donut Wheels to their order! These wheels offer a better ride and come in blue. Unfortunately we did not add these wheels to our order and did have the opportunity to test them out. Had we done so, this probably would have enhanced our test ride and it would have altered our review, so keep that in mind. The Donut Wheels are bigger, softer, and offer more grip than the standard wheels. Also, they look good.

The Battery Pack

Offering a smooth ride, the 18.6 lbs electric skateboard is equipped with an innovative heat sink enclosure containing its lightweight battery pack to help ensure reliable performance and protection from overheating. This thoughtful design allows for flexibility between the deck and battery for enhanced user experience. Also, the charging port is found on top of the battery pack and is protected by a small rubber plug.

The Remote

Vokboard Pilot remote

The Vokboard Pilot Electric Skateboard remote control includes a top button, a bottom button, a thumb wheel, and an LED display.

That top is the power button and the bottom button is to change the speed mode. The first thing this button does is turn the Vokboard Pilot on and off by holding the button down. A single click will allow you to switch between four different speed modes. The LED screen helps with checking your speed and the thumbwheel helps you control it. It’s a straightforward design and easy to use.

The wheel controls acceleration and braking. When you press the wheel forward, you go forward. When you let go of the wheel, you gradually slow down to a stop. If you pull the wheel back, the board brakes quickly. When you brake, operate with caution and brace yourself by bending your knees.

It’s a straightforward design and easy to use.

Other Remote Settings

Brake Settings

If you pull the wheel back and press the same button you would to adjust the speed settings, you can also adjust the break settings. There are four settings–four being the highest. For lighter riders (150 lbs or less) who intend to go fast, we recommend starting at setting four and adjusting accordingly.

Unfortunately we did not learn this until after our initial ride, otherwise it would have been included in the video.

Changing KM/H to MPH

If you would like to change km/h to mph, start with the remote turned off off. Turn the board on and hold the power + settings buttons for three seconds. Once you accomplish this, the remote takes you to a small dashboard and if you turn the wheel in either direction, you can adjust the speed metrics.

The design is intended for simplicity.


Boards ship to the US in 4-10 business days; free of charge. For more information, see Vokboard brand shipping policy.


Vokboard offers a 6 month warranty covering manufacturing defects for the Vokboard Pilot electric skateboard. To ensure purchase satisfaction and product durability, the warranty coverage begins from the date of delivery for all boards. For proof of eligibility, a valid original receipt must be provided by customers. In addition to full replacement parts being available after 6 months, a 6-month limited warranty is also granted on separate purchases such as batteries ESCs and remote controls. Warranty service will not apply to other accessories however Deck/ Trucks / Motors / ESC/ Remote / Charger & Battery are ensured with satisfactory guarantee.*

Additionally, the warranty service does not cover parts that are prone to normal wear and tear, such as wheels, bearings, bushings or belts. Further exclusions include any damage resulting from improper use of the product; unauthorized repairs by someone other than Vokboard technicians; water exposure beyond what is deemed necessary for everyday maintenance (IPX6) – riding in a puddle or immersing your board can result in significant water-related damages like motor bearing rust and noise. Therefore we strongly advise avoiding rain rides and wet surfaces with standing water at all costs!

If you have additional questions regarding the warranty, you can email Vokboard directly at info@vokboard.com

Our Experience With The Vokboard Pilot Electric Skateboard

First off, shoutout to Vokboard with providing us with with the board. We had the time of our lives!!

If you watched the test ride, you can see that we had a fun time cruising with the Vokboard Pilot. One thing you could not tell was how loud the board is when you’re riding. This is due to belt drives. Belts are a bit loud and while I was irritated at first, I began to appreciate it when I realized pedestrians would move out of the way because they could hear me coming.

Another thing you may have noticed is that we never reached top speed. This is because the board experienced a bunch of speed wobbles. Maybe if we adjusted the trucks a bit more we would have been more confident to go faster, but we felt that putting safety first was more important

In our pros and cons list that we listed the braking system as a Pro and a Con. The reason this is a Pro is because you want working brakes that are reliable. The reason this is a Con is because if you’re not braced for a stop, you might go flying… So be careful!

Lastly, the incline test was kind of underwhelming. We did not choose the steepest incline so it was a bit surprising we had to push the electric skateboard all the way up. That said, we did start on the incline at speed limit of zero. I believe that if we had some momentum heading into the incline, the boards’ performance would have been better.

Overall, the Vokboard Pilot Electric Skateboard was a pleasure to ride and based on experience, Vokboard was one of the nicest brands we’ve worked with!


If you’re one of those daily commuters or you just love nature and being outside, the Vokboard Pilot Electric Skateboard was created for you! All-in-all, the Vokboard Pilot is a high quality long range electric skateboard. The flexible deck paired with the powerful acceleration and reliable braking system makes the Vokboard Pilot a powerful contender in the Electric Skateboard market. The Vokboard Pilot offers great range for daily commuters at an excellent price.

If you are interested in seeing how the Vokboard Pilot measures up to other decks and brands in the electric skateboard space, check out our Electric Skateboard Ultimate Buyer’s Guide as a reference! We aim to provide accurate reviews and help riders find high quality rides at the best price!

Additionally, you can check out other Vokboard products by visiting their website.

Happy Riding!

Vokboard Pilot



About The Rider

About The Rider

Nick Varga is a young marketing professional who likes staying active in his free time with hobbies such as weightlifting, hooping, and hopping on an e-ride whenever he can ⚡️

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