Maxfind FF Belt – Street Electric Skateboard Review

Maxfind FF Belt

The Maxfind FF Belt, aka, the best electric skateboard for street riding


The Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard

If you’re passionate about electric skateboards, the Maxfind FF Belt is a must-have. With its powerful motor and shock-absorbing wheels, it’s the perfect choice for street cruising and guaranteed to enhance your riding experience.

Maxfind FF Belt Specs and Overview
Top Speed28 mph (45 kmph)
Weight24 lbs / 11 kg
Range25-75 miles (40-120 km)
BatterySAMSUNG 12S3P, 8.7Ah, 376Wh, 48V
Motor Power1500W*2
Load Capacity220 lbs / 100 kg
Charge Time3 Hours With 3A Fast Charger
Wheels105 mm / 4.1 Inch
Water ResistanceIPX5

How To Turn The Board On & Off

To power the board on or off, simply press the power button located on the remote control. Once the remote is activated, hold down the connect button on the remote and the power button beneath the board simultaneously to pair them. Once successfully paired, an LED screen displaying metrics will appear, indicating that the board is ready for your ride!

Additional Specs & features for the Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard

  • Excellent Torque
  • Ultra Long Range
  • M III Super Carve Trucks
  • X-composite + Glass Fiber Deck Material
  • Integrated Deck Design
  • Electronic Regenerative Braking
  • 270 day warranty


Cost to quality ratio

Comes completely assembled

Water resistant

Smooth braking experience

Flexible Deck

Long-lasting swappable battery


🚫 Remote does not always stay paired when the board is turned off

🚫 Not the most carryable

🚫 Belt issues may require repairs


When I opened the box, the board came charged and assembled. Pull the board out of its packaging and you will find a styrofoam package underneath. This package contains accessories which include a:

  • Charger and charging cables for the board and the remote
  • Safety Instructions
  • Wrench
  • User Manual
  • Handheld remote
  • L-Shaped Hex Key
  • Skateboard Tool (T-Tool)

The Deck

The X-Composite Flex Deck is specifically designed to offer remarkable shock absorption capabilities. By effectively absorbing vibrations and impacts from uneven terrain, it ensures a smooth and comfortable riding experience. This feature not only enhances rider comfort but also safeguards the electric skateboard’s components from excessive vibrations.

Underneath the deck and surrounding the trucks is an arched Motor Protection Bracket. This feature is especially useful for resisting shocks and preventing belt damage from interference of foreign objects.

Furthermore, the deck boasts an eco-friendly material design with a carbon fiber coating, eliminating deforestation of forests and bamboo. With its 41″ length and large standing platform, it provides both comfort and stability, even at high speeds. The unique concave design securely locks your feet in place, allowing for worry-free riding.

105mm Shock-Absorbing Wheels​

To enhance riders’ experience, the Maxfind FF Belt features 105mm Shock-Absorbing wheels. With these wheels, you can comfortably ride on various terrains such as sand, gravel, mud, grass, and concrete. These wheels will allow you to navigate through streets and alleys with confidence, regardless of road conditions.

The Battery Pack

With the Maxfind FF Belt’s quick-detachable battery, you have the flexibility to upgrade your range according to your requirements. If you need a longer riding distance, simply carry spare batteries and swap them when necessary. This seamless upgrade enables uninterrupted rides, making it ideal for longer commutes or weekend trips.

Key Features:

– Quick disassembly for safe and fast battery replacement.

– Integrated battery module structure.

– With spare battery packs, enjoy unlimited riding.

The 12S3P 8.7Ah Samsung battery is designed with multiple protection mechanisms to ensure user safety and battery stability. These mechanisms include overcharging protection, over-discharging protection, and short-circuit protection. The battery features a BMS intelligent battery management chip, which enables smarter and safer charging.

Moreover, the EABS kinetic energy recovery system allows for more efficient power-saving capabilities. Lastly, the battery capacity reaches 376Wh at 12S high voltage–a 74% increase in capacity compared to the previous generation.

The OLED Display Remote

Maxfind FF Belt remote

The Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard remote control includes a top button, a bottom button, a thumb wheel, and an LED display.

Pressing the wheel forward propels you forward, while releasing it gradually slows you down to a stop. Pulling the wheel back reduces speed until the board comes to a complete halt.

That top is the power button and the bottom connect button is for pairing and changing gears. The LED display screen will allow you to check important riding metrics such as skateboard and remote battery level, current speed, current direction mileage, and total miles accumulated.

Gear Switch

There are four different speed settings on the Maxfind FF Belt:

  • Beginner – Top speed: 10 mph (16 km/h)
  • Eco – Top speed: 15 mph (24 km/h)
  • Sport – Top speed: 20 mph (32 km/h)
  • Max – Top speed: 28 mph (45 km/h)

To set the mode, simply hold down the connect button for a second or two and release. You should feel the remote vibrate with a quick pulse and see the speed settings change on the LED display.

Directional Settings

To change the forward direction, simply press the connect button twice. The remote control will vibrate once.

This action is only effective when the roller is in the middle position and the speed is below 3 km/h.


Accessories are shipped from China by air (Generally delivered in 8-15 business days). Please note that batteries can be shipped from local warehouses in the US, Canada, European Union, and Australia. For other specific countries, additional shipping charges apply due to battery regulations.

International shipping prices vary by territory, and the fees are calculated at check-out. Maxfind customers might need to pay an extra shipping fee for remote area addresses.

For more information, see Maxfind brand shipping policy.


Maxfind products are backed with a 270-day warranty, with the company providing assistance for any quality issues encountered with the board. Customers are encouraged to contact the company directly via email in case of any problems, as they are committed to helping identify and resolve the issue by providing free replacement parts. Even after the nine-month warranty period, Maxfind still offers replacement parts at a very affordable price to ensure the board remains functional and the rider can continue using it.

Under normal circumstances, the standard repair cycle takes approximately 15-20 days. However, if the required accessories for the repair are not in stock, the company will need to send them from China, which may slightly prolong the repair process. Nevertheless, the company guarantees that the repair will be completed within 30 days.

If you have additional questions regarding the warranty, you can email Maxfind directly at

Our Experience With The Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard

Having ridden other electric skateboards in the past, I was expecting there to be a sudden jolt once I hit the acceleration. Maybe it’s because I was prepared but I liked that I was able to slowly increase my speed rather than testing how fast the board can go in a second.

The braking system is very smooth. It is not overly sensitive, but if you need to come to a sudden halt, you certainly can. Just pull back on the wheel and watch how your speed decreases on the LED display. On your first ride, make sure to go slow so you can safely test and adjust to the brakes.

The board is said to have a 35% incline. I have not yet tested this to its fullest capability, but I will say that I did ride on an uphill area and did not have any resistance with the board. Stay tuned for an update.

Overall, the Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard is a nice street cruiser. The board handled speed bumps, (anti-skateboard) truncated domes, and cracks like a champ. 

I do have trouble with my backside turns, but that’s on me, not the design. I guess it just means more riding. 

Oh well.

Final Thoughts

The Maxfind FF Belt electric skateboard offers great street cruising performance at an excellent price.

If you live close to a grocery or convenience store and you’re not trying to take your car, the Maxfind FF Belt Electric Skateboard was created just for you! The flexible deck paired with its durability and reliable braking system makes the Maxfind FF Belt a top choice. 

If you are interested in seeing how the Maxfind FF Belt measures up to other electric skateboards, check out the Electric Skateboard Ultimate Buyer’s Guide!

Additionally, you can check out other Maxfind products by visiting their website.

Happy Riding!

Maxfind FF Belt

The Maxfind FF Belt, aka, the best electric skateboard for street riding

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