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Dream of owning a Bugatti, but can’t quite justify the hefty price tag? Then we have some news that is sure to thrill you! Introducing the sleek and stylish Bugatti Scooter, an innovative way of transportation for those on a budget. In this review, we delve into all things related to this modern two-wheeled scooter – from its features right down to if it’s worth investing in or not. Get ready for an exciting ride with us as we explore what makes the amazing Bugatti Electric Scooter so special!

Bugatti Scooter Specs
Maximum Speed18.6 mph (30 km/h)
Range20 - 25 miles (32 - 40 km)
Battery36 V / 10.4 AH Lithium Ion
Motor600W Max Power
Weight35 lbs (16 kg)
Maximum Weight Capacity242 lb (110 kg)
Dimensions42.75 × 19.01 × 19.09 in
Speed Modes3
Wheel Diameter9" (about 23 cm)
MaterialMagnesium Alloy Structure
Turn SignalsFront and Rear
Cruise ControlYes
Safety BellYes

What Is The Bugatti Electric Scooter?

Bugatti prioritizes high quality designs and an extremely fun and memorable experience. The Bugatti Scooter boasts an avant-garde technology paired with style. Its magnesium alloy frame, dual braking system, unique lighting functions, and rear mudguard grant rider safety along with a display of quality for which the brand stands tall behind. Its functional folding design appeals to commuters looking for convenience too – plus those seeking thrills can use ‘sport mode’ when they’d like to enjoy up to 18.5 mph top speed!

Available in four vivid colors, this scooter boasts Specialties such as: a large LED visible screen displaying necessary information, ergonomic handle grips so handling remains secure yet comfortable, and also unique aerodynamic styling that provides both style points & performance gains respectively! Demonstrating why Bugatti prioritizes only the finest craftsmanship, each feature ensures riders will never want comfort nor confidence while zipping around town on their prized possession electric scooter!

Bugatti Scooter Pros and Cons

The Bugatti Electric Scooter presents an excellent choice for those everyday consumers who are looking to obtain quality and style at a fair price. It features top-notch safety systems, sleek design, as well as ample battery life.

There are some potential drawbacks that should be taken into consideration. Limited customization options and the slow speed With other models being among them. Due to it recently entering the electric scooter market place, its services may not measure up when compared with more established brands out there too.

Ultimately your foremost concern is key here regarding whether or not you choose this particular model of consumer electronics device – after all everyone’s priorities differ!



Image source: bugattiscootersna.com

Bugatti Scooter Ride Performance

The Bugatti Electric Scooter, which is designed for optimal performance and maximum safety, offers a smooth ride with three different modes: Economy (9mph), City (12.5 mph) and Sport (18.5 mph). This scooter’s capability on various terrains such as 15° incline makes it suitable to navigate the city streets or even do some off-road adventures! The lightweight design coupled with its powerful motor allows riders to control their speed efficiently while having great fun at the same time.

For added security measures, there are two brakes in place – namely. Front left hand brake lever along with rear E-ABS electronic braking system so that riders can have reliable stopping power any moment they need it while riding this electric scooter from Bugatti.

Acceleration, Braking, And Power

The Bugatti Electric Scooter is an excellent product for its price point due to features such as acceleration, braking and power capabilities that are outstanding. The 700-watt motor makes it possible to reach the scooter’s top speed of 18.5 mph in sport mode quickly and smoothly, while the dual brake system has been designed with driver protection in mind. Riders will enjoy over 25 miles of range on a single charge, which means short trips around town or longer commutes can be taken with confidence thanks to its built-in overcharge protection technology ensuring battery life longevity.

Bugatti Scooter: Ease Of Use

The Bugatti Electric Scooter was created with user-friendliness in mind. Made of lightweight aluminum, the scooter is easy to carry around or store inside a car due to its folding feature. It also comes packed with power – from its motor that goes up inclines as steep as 15°, to an efficient battery which can be charged fully within two hours. All these features make it simple and convenient for people on the go! Intuitive controls plus display simplify navigation even more. While contributing to greater maneuverability compared to other electric scooters out there. With so many advantages built into one package – Bugatti’s electric scooter definitely stands out from the rest!

Design And Build Quality

The Bugatti Electric Scooter stands out from the crowd with its unique aerodynamic design, silver accents and sophisticated appearance. Crafted for quality using a magnesium alloy frame that is foldable for easy storage and transportation, this stylish scooter also offers added safety features such as illuminated base lights, dual turn signals and a monogram projection logo. Perfectly combining substance and style into one remarkable electric scooter experience – it’s no wonder riders are flocking to choose Bugatti.

Bugatti Scooter Usage Cases

The Bugatti Electric Scooter is an incredibly versatile option for a wide range of uses. Its lightweight design and easy-fold mechanism make it perfect to carry around while getting through the city or on public transit. Its multiple speed modes give riders control over how fast they travel, whether that be slow and leisurely or thrilling at full power – all with long battery life for extended rides as well. Off-roaders can benefit from this scooter’s 15° incline capability which allows them to explore more areas than ever before in their adventures out of the beaten path!

Is the Bugatti Scooter Recommended For Children?

The Bugatti Electric Scooter is a cutting-edge, safety focused product that provides driver protection for both children and adults. The scooter must be used under adult supervision at all times, with the provided seatbelt firmly in place to ensure complete rider safety while enjoying its electrifying capabilities.

When recognizing safety, it’s essential to take into account age, size and ability when allowing kids on board this electric scooter since it offers an exhilarating experience which should only be embarked upon if one can follow required precautions accordingly. With such driving technologies available at their disposal through Bugatti’s outstanding innovation, riders of any level will have utmost fun assuredly!

Is the Bugatti Electric Scooter Worth the Investment?

The Bugatti Electric Scooter offers an eye-catching design and advanced safety features at a budget price, making it the ideal option for those looking for quality and style in their scooters. When considering speed and customization options, consider speed and customization options. This model might not be quite as good of a choice compared to other electric scooters available on the market. While its performance is impressive, with regards to customer service it may lack behind more established brands who offer additional support services.

Then: if you’re after top-of-the-range capabilities yet still want great value – look no than the sophisticated Bugatti Electric Scooter. Delivering comfortability along with reliable strength that lasts over time.


A Bugatti Electric Scooter is an ideal option if you’re looking for a reliable, stylish mode of transport. Featuring sleek design and enhanced safety features. To its remarkable battery life and performance capabilities, it’s no surprise that this scooter has earned its reputation as top-notch quality. Its affordability makes it all the more attractive – so why not take advantage of these great attributes by hopping on a Bugatti electric scooter?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Bugatti scooter?

Save yourself 15% with code BUGATTI15 on the Bugatti 9.0 Electric Scooter – now down to only $1,020! If you’re a Costco member, then don’t miss out on this limited-time offer of picking up the black version for an incredible price of just $99.99 shipped! Get your hands on one of these high-end scooters today before they run out!

How fast can a Bugatti scooter go?

Experience the power of Bugatti’s electric scooter! It can reach up to a maximum speed of 18.5 miles per hour, and its battery range is enough for an extensive ride: 25 miles. Look good while getting around with this stylish but speedy form of transportation!

Is the Bugatti scooter a real Bugatti?

This scooter with the Bugatti logo and a few design elements resembling that of its cars is real! Although not actually produced in the luxury car manufacturer’s factory, it does have quite an impactful presence.

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

Enjoy a range of up to 25 miles without worry with this battery when it is charged just once!



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