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Taiga Orca​

The Taiga Orca Electric Jet Ski

The World’s First Electric Jet Ski

The world's first fully electric jet ski has arrived

Taiga Motors, a Canadian forerunner in green transport technology since 2015, has been transforming the powersports industry with its electric alternatives. From high-velocity electric jet skis to robust snowmobiles, thrill seekers now have access to an eco-friendly way of indulging their adventurous spirit!

Taiga Orca Specs & Overview
Top Speed65 mph
Weight533 pounds
Range27 miles
Battery capacity20 kWh
Performance180 hp
Rider Capacity1-2 Persons
MaterialCarbon Fiber Body

Introducing The Taiga Orca

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This Electric Personal Watercraft is fast, fun, and quiet. Unlike traditional PWCs which are loud and often leave a large carbon footprint, the Orca provides a quiet ride with no exhaust pollution.

The Taiga Orca is a light and powerful personal watercraft that has been designed to offer a smooth and effortless experience on the water. The Orca is powered by an efficient 4-stroke engine that delivers plenty of power, allowing for fast acceleration and maneuverability.

The Taiga Orca also has a sleek design with low drag characteristics that make it easy to handle in all sorts of conditions. This state-of-the-art craft is perfect for those who enjoy flatwater, choppy, and open ocean riding. With its advanced features, the Taiga Orca offers an exciting ride every time.

The Taiga Orca comes in three variations with different prices and features.

The Taiga Orca Sport

If you’re looking for an entry-level electric watercraft, look no further! The Taiga Orca Sport is the most affordable option. It has a top speed of 25 mph, and comes with two seats, a handlebar-style steering system and a 20 kWh battery capacity.

The Taiga Orca Performance

The Performance model is a personal watercraft that rightfully sits between the Sport model and the Carbon model. It is a little more advanced than the Orca Sport, but not quite as advanced as the Orca Carbon. While some features are identical to the Carbon model, the Performance model features a plastic hull rather than one made of carbon fiber.

The Taiga Orca Carbon

The Taiga Orca Carbon is the most advanced electric watercraft in the lineup. It provides the most power, torque and speed of all three models. Additionally, the Taiga Orca Carbon features a carbon fiber composite hull and top deck materials rather than plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image Sourced From Taiga Motors Website

How Fast Does a Taiga Orca Go?

The Taiga Orca Sport is no slouch, with a top speed of 56 mph. But if you’re looking for a true thrill ride, the Performance and Carbon models will take it up to an astonishing 65 mph!

How Much Does the Taiga Orca Cost?

With unbeatable power, speed and style, Taiga Orca electric PWCs take water sports to the next level. Choose from three models – Sport ($15,000), Performance ($17,500) or Carbon($24,000).

What is the Range of the Taiga Orca?

Enjoy breathtaking visuals and thrilling rides with the Taiga Orca PWCs! Depending on your style of riding, you can cruise at up to 28 mph for an average range of 2 hours. If speed is key, then upgrade to a Sport model that reaches 31 miles in distance or take performance and Carbon models further – 37 miles worth of exploring the outdoors from atop these speedy watercrafts.

What Size is the Taiga Orca?

The Taiga Orca is an impressive vessel, measuring just under 10 feet long and wide enough to fit any crew member who wishes to venture out in its waters. The perfect combination of size, length and height ensures that no journey will come without the comfort needed for a smooth ride.

How Much Does a Taiga Orca Weigh?

With every Taiga Orca model, you get more than just a weight increase. The Sport edition weighs in at 533 pounds while the Carbon ups that to 570, and Performance puts even more power behind it with an impressive 588-pound heft. No matter which option suits your needs best – each is designed to give peak performance no matter what conditions arise!

How Much Weight Can a Taiga Orca Hold?

With a load capacity of 400 pounds, the Taiga Orca PWC is ready to take on any adventure. Experience smooth sailing with an extensive and powerful weight rating!

How Many People Can Ride a Taiga Orca?

With its range of PWCs, Taiga has something for everyone: the Orca Sport model is perfect for a fun adventure with your best mate while the Performance and Carbon models offer more room to bring an extra rider along. And if you really want to cruise in style – upgrade the Performance or get standard on Carbon with their optional 3-seater saddle!

How Much Horsepower Does a Taiga Orca Have?

Take your pick: the sleek Taiga Orca Sport offers an impressive 120 HP, or upgrade to either Performance or Carbon for a thrilling boost of 180 horsepower.

When was the Taiga Orca Introduced?

Following a three-year development process, the sleek and sophisticated Taiga Orca made its debut in late 2019. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipated this highly coveted vehicle arriving at dealerships across the country – that moment finally arrived in 2022!

Where Can You Charge a Taiga Orca?

With Taiga Orcas, you’re good to go – no matter where the journey takes you. Home charging allows for maximum convenience, while Level 1 and 2 charging capabilities come standard with each Orca; alternatively opt in for a Level 3 upgrade that allows even faster replenishment of energy on-the-go!

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Taiga Orca?

If you’re looking to juice up your electric vehicle, the charging time depends on what level of charge you need. A Level 1 charge can power up in around 14 hours while a faster boost is possible with a Level 2 – only requiring 3! For those who would rather plug and go, opt for the super-fast Level 3 which will get that battery back to full capacity in just half an hour.

What Kind of Battery Does the Taiga Orca Have?

The Taiga Orca PWCs are equipped with an impressive lithium-ion battery, ensuring a smooth ride. Unlike conventional models, the Sports version offers up to 20 kWh of power while more advanced editions provide 25 kWh – enough for even the most demanding activities!

Do Taiga Orcas Require Maintenance?

Taiga Motors offers a remarkable three-year no maintenance warranty on their electric PWCs, setting the bar for worry free operation. After this initial period you can enjoy your ride with minimal upkeep compared to traditional petrol models!

What Kind of Engine Does the Taiga Orca Have?

The Taiga Orcas’ boundless energy and power comes from the revolutionary, fully-electric RADIX powertrain inherited from their close cousin: The TS3 snowmobiles.

Can You Replace A Taiga Orca Battery?

Experience worry-free adventure with Taiga PWCs—each vessel includes an integrated battery for optimal security and performance that can’t be swapped out.

What Size Storage Compartment Does a Taiga Orca Have?

The Taiga Orca is an adventurer’s dream, featuring a generous 15-gallon front storage and handy waterproof phone pocket to keep all your valuables safe even in the dampest conditions.

Does the Taiga Orca Have Reverse?

The answer is yes. The Taiga Orca is designed for thrilling adventure, fully equipped with an electric brake and reverse system to ensure that every ride will be safe and exciting.

Can the Taiga Orca Tow a Water Skier or a Wakeboarder?

Taiga Orca personal watercrafts have the power to easily tow your favorite board or tube…but if you plan on cruising legally, make sure to invest in a three-seater! The extra seat will ensure compliance with local regulations and keep everyone safe. Stay up to date on laws so that you can hit those waves worry free!

How Do You Test Ride A Taiga Orca?

Experience the thrill of owning a Taiga Orca electric PWC before you commit – take advantage of exclusive pre-order test rides to get an up-close and personal glimpse into life on the open water. Don’t miss your chance for this unique opportunity!

Taiga Orca

The Taiga Orca Electric Jet Ski

The World’s First Electric Jet Ski

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