The Supermarine MM01 Hyperjet: The World’s Fastest Jet Ski

Supermarine MM01

The World’s Fastest Jet Ski

In 2024, the world will behold a rare and remarkable sight – 30 electric jet skis that come with an extraordinary price tag! The Supermarine MM01 “Hyperjet” is set to break records and become the world’s fastest jet ski with a claimed top speed of 75! With that said, get ready for this jaw-dropping luxurious ride on waves!

Supermarine MM01 Specs & Overview
Top Speed75 mph*
Type of EngineElectric
Max Power220 Kw / 300 Hp
Max Torque450 Nm
Length137.8 inches / 350 cm
Width51.2 inches / 130 cm
Height43.3 inches / 110 cm
Battery TypeLithium
Riding TimeUp to 2 hours
Charging TimeLess than 1 hour

Supermarine MM01 Hyperjet Overview

The hugely popular jet ski market has recently been joined by Bouvet Frères Marine, a French-based company founded and operated by the visionary siblings Germain and Léopold Bouvet. The Bouvet Brothers and company started their journey with the ambition to reimagine what personal watercraft should look like – culminating in the birth of Electric Supermarine MM01 Hyperjet. With this revolutionary design now available for all adventure seekers out there, seaside fun is about to be taken up another level!

The Supermarine MM01 Hyperjet is truly an unforgettable experience! This revolutionary electric jet ski combines hypercar performance and design from aerospace engineers to provide a smooth ride that is both powerful and lightweight. The carbon kevlar monocoque frame gives you maximum power-to-weight ratio without compromising strength, so you can fly through the water with ease — just like flying through the sky!


A truly luxurious ride, this jet ski is designed to please. The 29-gallon front storage trunk of carbon and leather offers high resistance nets that keep cargo secure – perfect for luxury rides! But wait – there’s more: the French designers didn’t forget an extra special feature just beneath the saddle… a hidden champagne holder! I think we can all agree it adds sophistication, even if its contents are questionable after bouncing on choppy waters from time to time.

For a cutting-edge journey, the MM01 is equipped with 3D printed titanium handlebars with integrated navigation lights light the way – ensuring smooth sailing for your high speed escapades.

Taking a minimalist approach, the MM01 features titanium paddles instead of traditional trigger levers on its handlebars. Offering ultimate control and customization for riders, this onboard computer is designed with an expansive curved touchscreen display facing the operator as well as several programmable push buttons supplying plenty of riding data and navigating options that can be customized to meet individual needs.

Two Versions

The Bouvet Supermarine MM01 comes in a black edition and "Mother of Pearl" white edition

Image Sourced From Bouvet

Collectors will have the opportunity to choose between two opulent color schemes: either a classic black or cool and a unique (pearl white) nacre version, both with the same craftsmanship.

The Top Deck

With the MM01, you can explore uncharted waters with the utmost safety. Its unique cockpit design provides a cozy atmosphere that envelops riders in protection and security while large side air vents ensure an optimal performance by sending cool air to your engine!

Power Source

Powered through it’s electric motor and aerodynamically enabled through it’s precise curves, the MM01 is sure to invoke passion. The Supermarine MM01 is a must-have for high speed water enthusiasts, as it boasts incredible performance.

Its full electric motor puts out 300 HP (220 kW) of energy with 450 Nm of torque – enough to reach speeds up to 75 mph (121 km/h). Even better, its liquid cooled batteries last an impressive two hours on one charge! And thanks to the speedy charging system available from docks or larger boats and yachts alike – you’ll be back in action zipping through marine settings in world record time!

How Much Does The Supermarine MM01 Hyperjet Cost?

We’re not going to sugar coat it.. it’s an expensive jet ski which caters to affluent customers. If you though the Sea Doo was an expensive jet ski, brace yourself. Although its exact cost remains unknown for now, estimates suggest each unit may be anywhere from 25 to 83 times more expensive than your average watercraft – setting you back between $150,000-$500,000 in comparison to traditional jet skis which range between $6k-20K.


When it comes to the world’s quickest jet ski, we expect nothing except thrill and excitement. Take your creative freedom to the high seas and explore large bodies of water on this limited edition series jet ski. Hop on the saddle and ride in style!

Supermarine MM01

The World’s Fastest Jet Ski

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