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Narke GT95

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Dive into a new dimension of water adventure with the all-electric Narke Electrojet GT95! This state-of-the art electric jet ski, powered by 95 HP and fed by an impressive 24 kWh lithium battery, is capable of reaching a top speed of up to 47 mph. With two full hours of playtime at your disposal – get ready for some serious fun on the open sea!

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Narke GT95 Specs & Overview
Top Speed47 mph
Battery TypeLithium-ion 24 kWh
Range31 miles (2 hours)
Dry Weight926 lbs
Weight Capacity496 lbs
Length158.2 inches / 402 cm
Width46.8 inches / 119 cm
Height43.2 inches / 110 cm
Charge Time1.5 – 6 Hours*
Seating Capacity1-3 Persons

Narke GT95 Origin Story

Narke, a European boutique manufacturer from Hungary, has revolutionized the Personal Watercraft (PWC) market with their fully electric Narke GT45 Electrojet. Established in 2014 and presented for first time at Cannes Yachting Festival 2018, this innovative ski is making waves on the water!

In 2021, after the incredible success of their previous model, Narke jumped to answer the call for more with their latest electric jet ski – The Narke GT95 Electrojet. Boasting a 95HP engine and 48 lb-ft torque power source that easily outperforms any of it’s gas powered equivalents in terms of cleanness and quietude, the Gt95 is equipped to change the jet ski world and create some waves.

Narke GT95 Electric Jet Ski Features

The Narke GT95 Electrojet packs an exciting range of features in its sleek design. From the 7″ smart display to the 24 kWh Lithium-ion battery and electronic brake and reverse system, it’s perfect for wherever your adventures take you. With optional features such as custom colors, smartphone connectivity, wireless Man OverBoard systems, trailer covers with built-in fast chargers – this craft will keep redefining excellence every time you hit open water!


The Narke GT95 is perfect for riders of nearly any skill level, offering excellent stability and predictability due to its large hull. Not only does the hull provide a smooth ride but it also reduces friction, leading to increased efficiency and faster top speeds allowing you to ride stable at a long range. The 7-inch smart display with deflection technology provides all the important metrics at your fingertips – speed, energy levels, distance from shoreline…even water temperature!

To maximize performance with minimal power consumption SAFE mode kicks in. This helps maintain driveability automatically. Additionally, the optional smartphone connectivity package allows you to receive incoming calls on or off water. Answering phone calls while riding is not going to be an issue because due to the design, you’re riding in almost silence.


The cons have less to do with how the jet ski rides. It mainly has to do with the fact that the electric jet ski is high in cost and low in supply. Additionally, Narke model GT95s are currently sold out.

Image Sourced From Narke


The Narke GT95 features a powerful 25 kWh lithium-ion battery, kept in check by its three water-cooling systems. Its special cooling loops controls the water temperature to ensure the smooth operation of not only its engine and inverter but also keep the all important power cell running at peak energy efficiency.

The power-packed battery boasts about two hours of playtime and 31 miles of range. Thrill seekers can rejoice as this amazing machine also boasts three distinct driving modes — Eco, Cruise or Sport – letting you take your adventure past 47 mph!


Recharging your Narke GT95 Electrojet is a great way to make sure you always have plenty of time for enjoying the open waters with family and friends! A standard household socket is a reliable option, but it can take up to six hours to fully charge… It’s not really a fast charger.

If you’re in dire need of a fast charger, find an electric boat charger near the dock – it’ll get your battery back up to full charge level after only 1.5 hours, leaving enough time on board for 2 glorious hours out at sea before returning home again with an incredible experience!

Unique Design

Enjoy unparalleled performance with the Narke GT95. Crafted from a state-of-the art carbon fiber composite, this vehicle boasts an impressive power to weight ratio and eye catching angular design for its futuristic look. Although weighing in at 926 pounds dry, you’ll find yourself light as air on the surface of your next adventure!

How Many People Can Ride A Narke GT95?

The luxurious Narke GT95 is the perfect vessel for a day on the waves, boasting plenty of room and comfort with above average dimensions. This impressive 13-foot craft offers ample seating space fit for up to three people and allows you to take in all your favorite water activities with its swim platform featuring anchor points and tow hook.

How Fast Does The Narke GT95 Electric Jet Ski Go?

The Narke Electrojet GT95 is a powerful single-carb watercraft that can reach an impressive top speed of up to 47mph – an ideal choice for thrill seekers and speed demons alike.

How To Buy A Narke GT95 Electrojet

Hunting for a Narke Electrojet? The easiest (and best!) way to find your perfect machine is by reaching out directly to the manufacturer!

Image Sourced From Narke


It’s remarkable that an electric motor can unleash such energy – truly a feat of modern engineering! With it’s unique hull, design, fast charge capabilities, electric motor, and variety of features the Narke GT95 truly stands out. Stay tuned as we hope to cover this electric jet ski further!

Narke GT95

Currently Sold Out

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