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Possibly The Most Expensive PWC Ever Made

T3MP3ST: A Brief Overview

Based out of Half Moon Bay, T3MP3ST Energy Platform is leading the way in the emerging electric jet ski market. T3MP3ST Energy Platform CEO and serial tech entrepreneur, Nico Sell has revolutionized the watersports scene with her latest invention, the Maverick GT.

This versatile watercraft offers a unique combination of style and practicality and can be used in a variety of ways. The Jet Ski is a great tow in vehicle or as an adrenaline-pumping ride at big spots like the Mavericks Marine Reserve, or transport passengers in its RIB hull.

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Maverick GT Specs & Overview
Top Speed70 mph*
Seating Capacity1-4 Persons
Range75-150 miles
Runtime3-5 hours
Motor525 hp Marine Grade
Battery150k Wh Modular System
ChargerUp to 80% Charge in 1 hour
HullDeep-V Deadrise Carbon Fiber


If you’re looking for a vehicle born from the need for speed and advanced electronics, look no further because the Maverick GT Jet Ski is not your average jet ski. Considered by some to be the world’s smallest yacht, the Maverick GT Electric PWC proves that not all jet skis are created equal! Not only does this electric jet ski provide a thrilling ride but can also be converted into an elegant people-carrying tender by fitting in to a RIB hull; perfect for those who love adventuring on water!

This thrill-seeking vessel is the perfect big wave companion! The jet ski provides enough torque to tackle the mightiest surf of up to 100 feet. It boasts twin 25-hp motors for exhilarating speeds and is available in multiple configurations, including a barebones tow-in version for hauling surfers and a “party” version with eight seats (requires the JetRib add-on). Additionally, a fishing version of this jet ski is being developed, so get ready for some fishing action!

Maverick GT Features

The two seat Maverick GT is a personal watercraft like no other. Powered by an advanced 3D printed electric engine, this jet ski offers up to 350 horsepower and enough torque to reach a top speed of 70mph. Paired with its power is an impressive range which lands somewhere between 50 – 100 miles. On top of a 3D printed electric engine, the two seat Maverick GT features advanced electronics, fly-by-wire steering, and a digital display.

Another cool feature is that the Maverick GT is that it is a silent multi functional monster! This personal watercraft runs completely silently meaning that you will not disturb marine life as you zoom through waters.

Additionally, the jet ski is an excellent choice for surfers, delivering the perfect balance of power and stability. Its deeper-V hull design gives it exceptional maneuverability on rougher waters and its larger swim platform provides a secure base while hopping waves!

Maverick GT Jet Rib

The T3MP3ST team has commissioned an innovative forward RIB section from a French rigid-hulled inflatable manufacturer. With its custom designed RIB attachment it can easily transition from boat mode into jet-ski mode in no time!

How Much Does A Maverick GT Jet Ski Cost?

This high performance machine can be yours for just $150K (jet ski) or $500K (full RIB package.)

Why Choose T3MPEST Over Other Jet Ski Brands?

Nico Sell has poured her passion of extreme sports into this personal watercraft. On top of being one of the fastest electric jet skis on the market, she has ensured that her jet ski model supports tow-in, surfing, and recreational needs. Not many jet skis feature a people carrying tender and not many jet ski companies plan on developing their own lithium ion batteries. The point is–if you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a Tesla model through a tsunami, the Maverick GT is as close as it gets.

What is Mavericks?

Riding the Maverick GT Jet Ski is like riding a Telsa through a tsunami.

Mavericks is a legendary surfing spot and big-wave beach break located in Northern California. It produces some of the biggest waves in the world, often reaching heights up to 40 feet (12 meters). This makes it one of the most sought after destinations for serious surfers who are looking for an adrenaline rush.

While these massive waves can be intimidating, they also attract those with a desire to conquer them. Mavericks is considered to be one of the best big wave breaks in the world because its shape produces a clean, powerful ride that brings out the best in experienced riders. The Mavericks challenge is renowned among surfers, and while it is not for everyone, those who take on this incredible wave will never forget their experience!

It was also the inspiration for the Maverick GT.


Whether you’re cruising down the Colorado river or looking to navigate surf, the Maverick GT guarantees good old fashioned excitement!


Possibly The Most Expensive PWC Ever Made

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