The BSR Racing Kart Pro – Electric Racing Go Kart Review (2024)

BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Kart

(Pro Version)

What is The BSR Electric Racing Go Kart Pro?

The BSR (Blue Shock Race) Electric Racing Go Kart is one of the best electric karts on the market. It is designed for racing enthusiasts, however, it can be enjoyed by just about anyone interested in having an exciting time. This go-kart features a powerful electric motor and a quick swap battery system. The steering wheel is adjustable from the driver’s seat and the acceleration and max speed are adjustable to vary depending on the age or skill level of the driver.

Beneath, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this electric racing go-kart.

BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Kart (Pro Version) Specs
BodyStandard Birel Art CRY32-S14 bodywork
SeatFreeline Kart Components (Sizes 1, 1+, 2, 3, 4)
Steering wheelBSR/320mm
Battery56Ah / 96V Li-Ion (5.3 kWh)
Ride Time10+ min single session, 60+ min full day session
Quick Swap Battery (QSB) System2-minute swap
PowerLimited till 33kW from battery
Top speedUp to 84 mph (135 km/h)
AccelerationMax Speed Adjustable from 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) in 3.0 seconds
ChargerAC/DC 3.0 kW (110-240V)
BrakesFront and rear brakes
Weight265 lbs (120 kg) ~ without tires

Pros and Cons


Instant Torque with the brushless motor

Air cooling DC power unit

Quick swap battery system (swap in 2 minutes)

Adjustable acceleration and max speed


🚫 Expensive

🚫 Heavy weight of 265 lbs (120 kg) without tires

Ride Performance

The BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Kart Pro provides an amazing driving experience. It has instant torque from its brushless motor and the air cooling DC power unit allows for safe, reliable operation. This kart also has adjustable acceleration and max speed depending on the skill level of the driver. Additionally, a full day session can last up to 60 minutes with the quick swap battery system allowing for a quick change in just two minutes.

Acceleration, Braking, And Power

The BSR Racing Kart Pro is capable of reaching speeds up to 84 mph (135 km/h). It has a 0-60mph (0-100 km/h) acceleration time of just 3.0 seconds and allows for full control with front and rear brakes. The power is limited to 33kW from the battery, ensuring safe operation at all times.

Maneuverability And Portability

The BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Kart Pro is easy to use and offers great maneuverability. It has an adjustable steering wheel from the driver’s seat, allowing for a comfortable driving experience. Additionally, it weighs 265 lbs (120 kg) without tires, making it relatively portable and easy to transport depending on your strength level.

With tires on, the Kart is even heavier, so keep that in mind. You may need extra people helping you move the vehicle and a truck to transport it from one place to another.

BSR Racing Kart Pro Build Quality And Tires

The BSR Race Kart Pro is constructed with a high-quality chassis and bodywork that you can rely on for intense racing sessions. It also comes equipped with Freeline Kart Components tires that provide great traction to ensure reliable performance.

Is The BSR Race Kart Pro Street Legal?

The laws for Go Karts vary depending on which state you live in. Generally, the BSR Race Kart Pro is not street legal and should only be used on private tracks or closed roads.

Is The BSR Race Kart Pro Recommended For Children?

The BSR Race Kart Pro is suitable for all ages. In some areas, it is the kart of choice for youth racing. The acceleration and max speed can be adjusted depending on the driver’s skill level, making it a great option for both experienced racers and casual karting enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts On This BSR Electric Kart

Overall, the BSR Electric Racing Kart Pro is a great option for anyone looking to experience the thrill of racing at home or on the track. With its powerful motor and adjustable features, it can provide an enjoyable experience no matter what your skill level is!

BSR 2.2 Electric Racing Kart

(Pro Version)

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