The Best Jet Skis in 2024

Jet skiing is a fun and thrilling way to enjoy the water. But with so many jet ski models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Whether you’re an experienced jet skier or just starting out, there’s a perfect machine out there that will suit your needs and make your experience more enjoyable. With this in mind, let’s talk about some of the best jet skis in the game!

Top 12 Jet Skis of 2024

Our Top Picks

1. Yamaha FX Cruiser

Luxury High Output Cruiser

Dimensions: L. 140.9″/ W. 50″/ H. 48.4″

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 844 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 18.5 Gallons

Top Speed: 67 mph

Engine Type: 4-cylinder, 4-stroke

Ride Time: 4-7 hours

When it comes to Wave Runners, the FX Cruiser is one of the fastest jet skis of its time! The Yamaha FX Cruiser is the perfect performance PWC models (personal watercraft) for serious adventurers looking to explore large bodies of water. With a 1,812cc Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) Marine engine, this jet ski can reach max speeds up to 68 miles per hour and offers an impressive acceleration rate.

2. Sea-Doo GTI (SE)

Recreational Jet Ski

Dimensions: L. 130.6″/ W. 49.2″/ H. 44.8″

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 739 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 15.9 Gallons

Top Speed: 52-55 mph

Engine Type: 4-stroke Rotax 1630 ACE

Weight Capacity: 600 lbs

For those who want a fun, sporty, and agile recreational jet ski, the Sea-Doo GTI is where it’s at. In 2024, the Sea-Doo GTI is customizable and comes in two different models: The Classic GTI & The Sea-Doo GTI SE. Each model is optimized for boat safety and maneuvers well at fast and slow speeds. The biggest difference between the Classic GTI and the SE is that the Sea-Doo GTI SE includes additional features such as a reboarding ladder, storage space, variable trim system (VTS), and cruise control with a no-wake mode.

3. Supermarine MM01

Fastest Jet Ski

Dimensions: L. 137.8″/ W. 51.2“/ H. 43.3”

Type Of Engine: Electric

Max Power: 220 Kw / 300 Hp

Max Torque: 450 Nm

Max Speed: 75 Mph

Battery Type: Lithium

Ride Time: Up to 2 hours

Charging Time: Less than 1 hour

Thrill seekers will love the Supermarine MM01. This compact and powerful jet ski is famous for its turbo charged engines. It is touted as the fastest jet ski on the market with an impressive top speed of 75 mph. This French-made electric jet ski values quality over all as it is made with noble materials and hand-finished.

4. Kawasaki Ultra 310LX

Great Torque

Dimensions: L. 140.9″/ W. 47″/ H. 48.8″

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 950 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 20.6 Gallons

Top Speed: 67 mph

Engine Type: Inline 4-cylinder Marine

Weight Capacity: 496 lbs

Considered Kawasaki’s flagship model, this powerful jet ski is ideal for riders who want to make a statement. With its 310hp engine, this Kawasaki jet ski can reach max speeds of up to 67 mph, making it perfect for racing or touring larger bodies of water.

5. Sea-Doo RXT

Performance Jet Ski

Dimensions: L. 135.9″/ W. 49.4″/ H. 45.2″

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 829 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 18.5 Gallons

Top Speed: 67-69 mph

Engine Type: Rotax® 1630 ACE™ – 300

Weight Capacity: 600 lbs

The Sea-Doo RXT is a performance driven recreational light jet ski that is a fun and agile experience for jet ski riders of all types. With its innovative iControl system, riders can customize their experience and switch their ski mode between sport and touring for more control over the ride. This sleek and stylish jet ski is a great choice for riders who value stability in choppy waters.

6. Yamaha VX Deluxe

Luxury Recreational Jet Ski

Dimensions: L. 132.7″/ W. 48.8″/ H. 47.2″

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 683 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 18.5 Gallons

Top Speed: 53 mph

Engine Type: 3-cylinder, 4-stroke TR-1

Weight Capacity: 530 lbs

If luxury jet skis are what you’re after, then the Yamaha VX Deluxe is perfect for you. This Yamaha Waverunner is a luxury jet ski offers an impressive ride with its 1052cc TR-1 High Output (HO) engine, and also features a host of comfort options like electric trim and power steering.

7. Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

Rec-Lite Personal Watercraft

Dimensions: L. 110″/ W. 46.4″/ H. 42.1″

Seating Capacity: 2 or 3* (depends)

Dry Weight: 428 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 8 Gallons

Top Speed: 50 mph

Engine Type: ROTAX 900 ACE – 90

Weight Capacity: 352 lbs

If you’re looking for a lightweight craft that offers plenty of freestyle tricks and flips, then the Sea Doo Spark Trixx is one of the best jet skis available. This Sea-Doo features an agile Rotax 900 ACE engine and plenty of features designed to make stunts easy. The base model is a two seater, but you can upgrade to a three-seater at an additional price.

8. The Narke GT95

Currently Sold Out

Dimensions: L. 158.2″/ W. 46.8″/ H. 43.2″

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 926 lbs

Range: 31 miles (2 hours)

Top Speed: 43 mph

Battery type: Lithium-ion 24 kWh

Charge Time: 1.5 hours

Weight Capacity: 496 lbs

This electric jet ski offers a unique blend of power, speed and agility. The Narke GT95 produces 95 horsepower, with a top speed of 43 MPH while providing excellent handling and maneuverability to ride effectively. Capable of seating up to three passengers, this jet ski is perfect for families or groups.

9. Kawasaki SX-R 160

Stand-Up Personal Watercraft

Dimensions: L. 104.5″/ W. 30.1″/ H. 33.1″

Seating Capacity: 1 Person

Dry Weight: 551.3 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 6.1 Gallons

Top Speed: 65 mph

Engine Type: 1,498cc inline 4-cylinder

Weight Capacity: 165 lbs

If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable stand up model that is capable of handling rough water, the Kawasaki SX-R 160 is one of the best jet skis you can ask for. While this lightweight craft is not capable of handling heavy loads, this jet ski offers plenty any adventure for smaller riders.

Built For Racing

Dimensions: L. 123.6″/ W. 44.5″/ H. 45.3″

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 540 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 7.7 Gallons

Top Speed: 54 mph

Engine Type: HO TR-1 marine engine

Weight Capacity: 540 lbs

The Yamaha EXR is an excellent jet ski with a powerful engine and incredible acceleration. So-much-so that the “R” in “EXR” stands for racing inspiration. It features an 1812cc Super Vortex High Output engine, as well as RiDE technology for smooth operation and enhanced control when navigating tight turns. Additionally, this Yamaha Waverunner comes standard with a boarding step, making it easier to get on and off the water’s surface.

11. Honda AquaTrax

Ample Storage and Large Fuel Capacity

Dimensions: L. 126“/ W. 49″/ H. 41.7”

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 933 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 16.6 Gallons

Top Speed: 60 mph

Engine Type: 4-cylinder 1,235cc 4-stroke

Weight Capacity: 524 lbs

The Honda AquaTrax is one of the best jet skis for those who want a reliable and high-performance ride, without having to break the bank. The Aquatrax features a powerful 1,494cc engine that can reach top speeds of up to 56 mph and offers plenty of power for any kind of adventure.

12. Sea-Doo GTX

Touring Personal Watercraft

Dimensions: L. 135.9″/ W. 49.4″/ H. 44.8″

Seating Capacity: 1-3 Persons

Dry Weight: 805 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 18.5 Gallons

Top Speed: 55-67 mph

Engine: High-performance Rotax 1630 ACE

Weight Capacity: 600 lbs

The GTX is one of Sea-Doo’s more supercharged models. It is an all-around great jet ski that offers plenty of fun and performance. Sea-Doo GTX comes with a Rotax 1630 ACE engine, which produces up to 180 horsepower and allows for speeds of up to 65 mph. Additionally, this Sea-Doo jet ski model has other features such as electronic cruise control, integrated audio system, and more!


How To Choose A Jet Ski

Selecting a good jet ski is worth taking into consideration. Choosing the best jet ski is really about choosing the best jet ski for you. To determine what the best jet ski is, you must first take your budget into consideration. Think about it like buying a new phone – you start with your budget and look at the options.

Secondly, choose with intent. Before you buy an jet ski, know why you are doing it. Are you a doing freestyle jet skiing? Do you tow water skiers? Or is jet skiing a casual hobby? Most jet skis are expensive so if you’re unsure of your intent, then maybe a cheap jet ski is better suited for you.

The last thing you need to do is ask yourself which features you can or cannot live without. Things to consider would be whether or not you need a:

  • lightweight hull

  • supercharged engine

  • storage capacity

  • eco friendly performance modes

  • speed control options

  • not a lot of motor noise

This all goes back to intent because the type of jet skis fishing enthusiasts need might not be the best jet skis for someone with a racing license.

What Is A Stand Up Jet Ski?

In the jet ski world, a stand up jet ski is a type of personal watercraft designed for use in waves. The rider stands on the craft rather than sitting down, allowing them to lean and shift their weight more easily when maneuvering through the water. Stand up jet skis usually feature one or two cylinders and are powered by either two-stroke or four-stroke engines. They are often smaller and less powerful than their sit-down counterparts, making them ideal for recreational use. Stand up jet skis typically feature a foam pad that the rider stands on, as well as handlebars or foot straps to help maintain balance while riding.

What Are Recreational Jet Skis?

Recreational jet skis are a type of personal watercraft designed for leisure. Recreational models are smaller, lighter and less powerful than their commercial counterparts, making them popular among people looking for an inexpensive way to get out on the water and have some fun. Recreational jet ski models typically feature one or two seats and are powered by a small engine.

What Are Jet Ski Rules?

Jet ski rules vary from place to place, but generally speaking there are a few universal rules and regulations that must be followed. For example, most jurisdictions require that riders carry a life jacket when operating a personal watercraft. It is important to know the local speed limits and traffic patterns before heading out on the water. Additionally, some locations may also have noise restrictions.

Are Jet Skis Legal?

The legality of owning and operating a jet ski varies from country to country. In most countries, they can be operated with a valid license and registration. Make sure you check with your local authority for the latest rules and regulations regarding jet skis in your area before you purchase one!

Why Should I Buy A Jet Ski?

Jet skis offer a thrilling and fun experience on the water. Jet skis are also great for those who want to explore new places, since they can be taken anywhere from rivers and lakes to oceans and bays. Most jet ski models are lightweight, making them easy to transport and store. They’re also relatively low-maintenance, so you won’t have to worry too much about keeping up with regular maintenance tasks like other boats require. And finally, jet skis provide an adrenaline rush that can’t be beaten! So if you’re looking for some high-speed thrills and adventure on the open water, then a new jet ski may just be perfect for you!

What Features Are Important For A Jet Ski?

When looking for a jet ski, the features that are important to consider include speed and range, weight capacity, fuel capacity, battery type and life, safety measures like brakes and lights, ergonomic design of the handlebar/seat combo, comfortability of the platform, suspension system if available and warranty coverage. Speed and range are important when selecting a jet ski as it will determine how far you can ride on one charge. Weight capacity is also important in order to ensure the jet ski can carry your desired load. Battery type and life are essential for efficient performance of the jet ski over long-distance rides or extended periods of use. Safety measures such as brakes and lights help ensure rider safety on their journey. Ergonomic design for handlebars/seats is key to ensure comfort and proper stabilization while riding. The suspension system is also important as it helps cushion the ride on uneven terrain. Lastly, warranty coverage should be considered in order to protect your investment over time.

What Is The Fastest Jet Ski?

The fastest jet ski is the Supermarine MM01. It tops out at 75 mph and can reach a 0-60 mph time of just 1.3 seconds, making it the fastest recreational jet ski on the market. No matter which jet ski model you choose, make sure to always wear protective gear when riding and remember to stay safe on the water!

Are Jet Skis Safe?

Yes, jet skis can be safe if operated responsibly. They are designed to provide riders a thrilling and exciting experience while on the water. All operators should follow basic safety practices such as wearing life jackets incase the rider falls as well as following local regulations when in use. Additionally, it is always important to check the weather conditions before getting onto any open body of water. Be sure that you check with the particular manufacturer to ensure proper maintenance is being done on your jet ski regularly.

Make sure you stay safe when operating a jet ski by following all applicable laws and regulations, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, and taking necessary caution when out on the water.

Why Are Jet Skis So Expensive?

Jet skis can be expensive depending the make and model. They are powered by an electric motor which is big factor when it comes to pricing. Most jet ski companies use high-end technology components that require additional research, engineering, and testing. In addition, electric jet skis are constantly updating their technology due to changing regulations and safety standards. All of these costs are passed on to the consumer making jet skis more expensive than most other personal electric vehicles.

Is Salt Water Bad For Jet Skis?

Salt water can be bad for jet skis if it is not washed off properly after use. If salt water accumulates on the jet ski, it can cause corrosion and rust which could damage the engine or other parts. Therefore, it’s important to always rinse your jet ski with fresh water after every use in saltwater. Additionally, you should periodically check your jet ski for any signs of rust or corrosion and have it serviced as needed.

What Are Some Common Problems With Jet Skis?

Some common problems with jet skis include fuel issues, overheating, worn out seals and bearings on the impeller shafts, clogged cooling systems, and battery drain. Other more serious issues may include an oil leak around the gasket seal or a crack in the engine housing. It is important to regularly check your jet ski and take it for servicing as needed. Additionally, you should always consult with a certified mechanic when dealing with any major issues.

Are Jet Skis Hard To Ride?

Jet skis are not hard to ride, however, it does take some time and practice to get used to riding them. Since jet skis are powerful machines, proper safety precautions should always be taken before riding them. It is important to familiarize yourself with the controls, signals and etiquette of jet skiing before blasting off.

Where Can I Buy A Jet Ski?

Jet skis can be bought from a variety of stores, including online retailers, specialty shops and even hardware stores. If you’re about to buy your first jet ski, shop around to find the best deal that suits your needs. Make sure you are getting a reliable brand when buying a jet ski as cheaper jet ski models may not last very long or have safety flaws. Additionally, some companies offer rental services which can be a great way to test out various models before committing to buy one.

The best place to buy a jet ski is directly from the manufacturer’s website or from an authorized dealer. This ensures that you get only genuine parts and accessories and also gain access to warranty benefits should anything go wrong in the future. Shopping online has its advantages too, such as being able to compare prices among different manufacturers and being able to access reviews from other users.

Another great option is to buy used jet skis from trusted sources such as local dealerships or online marketplaces. This can be a great way to save money while still getting a reliable product that meets your needs. Just make sure you thoroughly inspect the product and check its maintenance records before buying.

So there are plenty of options available if you’re interested in purchasing an jet ski! Make sure you shop around and do your research so you can find the perfect fit for your budget and lifestyle.

What Are Naturally Aspirated Engines?

Naturally aspirated engines are internal combustion engines that rely on atmospheric pressure to draw in air, rather than relying on a forced induction system such as turbocharging or supercharging. These engines tend to be simpler and less expensive to build and maintain, but they can also require more maintenance over time. They generally offer lower power outputs and are often found in smaller engines, such as those used in recreational jet skis. As opposed to forced induction engines, a naturally aspirated engine is limited by the amount of air that it can draw in through its intake. This means that they are typically less powerful than their turbocharged or supercharged counterparts.


To summarize, when choosing the best jet ski, know what the priorities are. Budget, intent, and features should not go overlooked. No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for on the water, there’s a perfect personal watercraft out there waiting just for you! Whether you’re looking for recreational jet skis, luxury jet skis, or high-speed machines built specifically for extreme sports enthusiasts, there is a variety of options on the jet ski market! Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, we aim to provide insights on the best type of jet ski that meets your specific needs.

Happy riding!

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