The Best Electric Skateboards Of 2024 – Ultimate Buyers Guide

Skating has always been for everyone. Boards have always been designed to reflect this. The diversity is amazing, but it means we need to talk about what you should look for in an electric skateboard to ensure it’s perfect for you.

Perhaps you’re an experienced rider and you’re looking for a high-speed electric longboard. Perhaps you’re just starting and want a comfortable ride at a great price. Whatever you want, wherever you’re skating, we know the right board for you.

Let’s take a look at the best electric skateboards of 2024.

Table of Contents

1. Skatebolt Tornado II​

A top and bottom view of the deck of the Skatebolt Tornado II Electric Skateboard

Why we love it: All-around performance at great value

Max speed: 26 mph

Max range: 24 miles

Size: 39″ x 11″

Weight: 19 lbs

Motor: 2 x 250W

Max incline: 25 degrees


  • Impressive range
  • Travel at up to 25mph
  • Great for steep hills
  • Powerful dual hub motors
  • Durable 90mm wheels
  • Great price for a high-end board
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Can be ridden anywhere


  • Highly responsive brakes take some getting used to
The Skatebolt Tornado II is our top choice because it proves the doubters wrong: you can please everyone. It’s a highly supple electric longboard, with a 39″ x 11″ deck made from 8 layers of Northeast maple wood designed to absorb shock and maximize control and comfort.
Its top speed is an impressive 26mph courtesy of a pair of 25o-watt hub motors. You can choose from 4 riding modes, making it easy to stay in control of how fast you’re moving – this makes it a superb choice for beginners as well as more experienced skaters. The motors are augmented by a heavy-duty 7500mAh battery.
This board has long-lasting power, with a top range of 24 miles. Along with its sturdy 90mm PU wheels, this makes the Tornado II a great choice for bumpy roads and riding in the country. It excels at taking on inclines of up to 25 degrees even when the battery is low, so you don’t need to worry about getting stranded halfway up a steep hill.
Its acceleration is top-tier and can be increased with the “Pro” speed mode, which makes it equally well-suited to urban environments. City riders will also appreciate its ultra-responsive brakes, although you’ll need to test-drive the regenerative braking system to get used to it. When you say “stop”, the Tornado II stops.
The remote control is tactile and simple to understand – overcomplicating the remote is a common sin with electric skateboards. You need to be able to know where you’re clicking without looking, which the Tornado II remote makes so easy.
The pricing is excellent, given how much power, speed, and versatility you’re getting. Alloy-covered trucks and superb all-around design make this the perfect electric skateboard for riders of any skill level. Hats off to Skatebolt – this is simply a wonderful skateboard.

2. Halo Board Beast

Top bottom and side views of the Halo Board Beast

Why we love it: If money was no object, it would be perfect

Max speed: 26 mph

Max range: 25 miles

Size: 37″ x 9.75″

Weight: 23 lbs

Motor: 3200W dual direct-drive

Max incline: 25 degrees


  • Extremely powerful engine
  • High max speed
  • Impressive maximum range
  • Comfortable to ride
  • Low ground clearance makes it feel even faster
  • Suitable for any terrain
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Fast charging


  • On the expensive side

Let’s start with that motor. The Halo Board Beast packs monstrous 3200W dual direct-drive motors, meaning that you’re in for the smoothest ride of your life. Its top speed is an impressive 26mph, and with that motor size, you can guarantee that you won’t be running short on power as it nears the end of its substantial 25-mile range.

The 12-inch aluminum double kingpin trucks keep this electric skateboard surprisingly lightweight at only 23lbs while providing amazing support. You can take on any terrain type with the Beast thanks to this and its shock-absorbing 97mm wheels – with only 4.5″ of ground clearance, you’d be forgiven that this was mostly an urban skateboard. The Beast can give you a comfortable ride anywhere.

It’s extremely quiet despite the immense motor power, and its regenerative braking means that you’ll go further than with other boards claiming a similar range. It has three different speed modes to choose from on its well-designed Bluetooth remote control. It’s also an amazing choice for heavier riders, carrying up to 286lbs very comfortably.

You can climb hills of up to 25 degrees without the board complaining. In the rare event that the battery dies, it’s also super-comfortable to ride as a traditional longboard, with amazing control and an ergonomic deck. Another perk is that the battery charges very quickly, taking only 4-5 hours to go from empty to the full 25-mile capacity.

This is a high-performance electric skateboard designed for those who want to put a little more money into their hobby. The power, control, and smoothness of the ride are among the best electric longboards have to offer. The high price tag makes it less accessible to beginners and those looking for budget electric boards, but if you can afford it, this is a purchase you’ll never regret.

3. Backfire Zealot X

Why we love it: Got a need for speed?

Max Speed: 31 mph

Max Range: 34 miles

Max Load: 240 lbs

Weight: 24.6 lbs (11.2 kg)

Motor: Two 1500W Belt

Max Incline: 35%


  • Extremely fast
  • Great for steep inclines
  • Good range
  • Different Riding modes
  • Easy to control
  • High maximum weight capacity


  • High cost
  • Weight

If speed is your passion, the Backfire Zealot will make you purr. With a maximum speed of 31 mph and high-torque motors, this is one of the fastest electric skateboards around. Among those boards that can compete with its raw speed, very few offer such a stable ride or match the Zealot’s design features.

These high-end electric longboards are built from a combination of flexible fiberglass and maple wood, helping the board to absorb shock and keeping its weight down. Additionally, the Zealot X boasts superb hill-climbing ability, taking slopes of up to 35 degrees with ease.

Let’s talk about that control – the street wheels measure 96mm, but can be upgraded to 120mm if you plan to go off-roading with this e-skateboard. There are a few different riding modes for different types of riding and the control itself has a simple, pleasing design that feels comfortable in your hand.

This is one of the best electric skateboards for riders who like to travel at high speeds. Wherever you’re going, the Backfire Zealot will get you there a lot faster. A top choice from a leading brand. 

4. Meepo V3S

A top bottom and side view of the Meepo V3 electric skateboard

    Why we love it: Best budget electric skateboard

    Max speed: 29 mph

    Max range: 17 miles

    Load Capacity: 330 lbs

    Weight: 18.5 lbs

    Motor: 2 x 540W

    Max incline: 22 degrees


    • Super-fast
    • Affordable price
    • High-quality deck
    • Handles rough roads well
    • Charges quickly
    • Very comfortable
    • Superb acceleration
    • Good remote
    • Built-in handle


    • Shipping time depending on location

    The Meepo V3S is an electric longboard with a lot to offer for an extremely attractive price. Let’s start with a top speed of 29mph, faster than many high-end models. Of course, if you’re new to electric skateboarding, you might want to ease yourself in a bit more gently.

    The build quality of the Meepo V3 is uncompromisingly high-quality – the deck is crafted from 8 layers of Canadian maple wood. This provides a supple, springy feel and absorbs shock. You can ride this board on country roads or city streets and expect full comfort.

    The Meepo V3 is powered by 2 x 540w engines, helping it achieve its impressive top speeds. Its main drawback is that the board battery can’t sustain this for as long as other top electric skateboards. Its range is only 17 miles, so you’ll need to ensure that it’s fully charged if you’re planning a long ride.

    The board can charge fairly quickly in around 3 hours and also serves as a power bank that can charge your devices on the go. 

    It’s also very comfortable to ride as a traditional longboard, so if you do get caught short, it’s easy to do things the old-fashioned way. At 18.5 lbs, it’s light enough to carry up a hill if it’s steeper than 22 degrees.

    5. Meepo NLS Pro

    Top, side, and bottom view of the Meepo NLS Pro

    Why we love it: Big, fast electric longboard for big, fast riders

    Max speed: 28.5 mph

    Max range: 22 miles

    Size: 39″ x 9.3″

    Weight: 17.6 lbs

    Motor: 2 x 750w

    Max incline: 30 degrees


    • Incredible top speed
    • High weight capacity
    • Good range
    • Easy-to-use remote
    • High-quality deck
    • Regenerative brakes


    • Braking can take time – this can be an issue in urban environments
    • Handling at high speeds is difficult

    The Meepo NLS Pro is a substantial upgrade to the old NLS model. It boasts 30% more power and travels up to 60% further than its predecessor. While that 20-mile maximum range is pretty nice, it’s not what caught your eye when you checked the specifications.

    Yep – the Meepo NLS Pro has a top speed of 34mph, making it the only board on our list to exceed 30mph. With 2 x 540W hub motors, it’s 5.5mph faster than the speedy Backfire Zealot, so why didn’t we name this as our top speedster? Because the NLS Pro has another feature that sets it apart from the competition – it has a super-high carry weight of 330lbs.

    The build quality on the deck is superb, made from fine bamboo for improved shock absorption. It augments this with 100mm wheels. It laughs at hills of 30 degrees or less, which is ideal on a board for heavier riders. You can control your current speed easily using the intuitive M4 remote, and it also comes with a handy USB charging system.

    This is undoubtedly the best board for larger riders on our list, and we love it for that. Electric skateboards should be designed for everybody, and the NLS Pro offers a high-quality riding experience for taller, heavier skaters.

    It does have a couple of drawbacks, which is why it’s not quite topping our list. Firstly, with great power comes great responsibility – this powerhouse can be hard to control. Its handling is generally good, but the 9″ deck width begins to feel a little narrow when you hit high speeds.

    It has a regenerative braking system, which is great news – however, it takes longer to stop than some other high-end boards. The NLS Pro isn’t the cheapest of electric longboards, and if the braking was slightly improved, we’d love it so much more.

    6. Maxfind Max2 Pro

    Why we love it: The deck is lightweight and has an old school shape

    Max speed: 24 mph

    Max range: 15 miles

    Size: 31″ x 1o.6″

    Weight: 14 lbs

    Motor: 2 x 600W

    Max incline: 28 degrees


    • Excellent speed
    • Very affordable
    • Ultra-fast charging time
    • Great for climbing hills
    • Superb handling
    • Long warranty


    • Average range
    • Beginners might prefer longer boards for stability

    The Maxfind Max2 Pro is shorter and more lightweight than some of the electric longboards on this list. This makes it more maneuverable than the competition, which is an attractive feature for experienced riders. Weighing in at only 14 lbs and with a 31″ deck, you can zip around on this board and fully appreciate its top speed of 24mph.

    This is provided by 2 x 600W motors, although you can find a version that has only 1 motor. This option is understandably slightly slower and misses the superb acceleration of the dual-motor model.

    As a shorter board, it compares very favorably to popular models like the Boosted Mini X. Not only is the Max2 Pro much cheaper, but it has better speed, range, and handling than the Boosted Mini.

    Another top feature of the Max2 Pro is its ultra-fast charging time. It takes only 2 hours to charge from empty, which means you can have it ready for use much faster than most competitors.

    The board can tackle slopes of up to 28 degrees, so it’s no slouch for off-terrain use. Its smaller size and amazing handling make the Max2 Pro a contender for the best electric longboard for urban areas, but it’s truly versatile.

    It also comes with a longer warranty than many high-end boards at 270 days – the standard is 6 months. This is extra-impressive given that it’s a very affordable choice, and offers increased mileage compared to the Meepo V3 at 15 miles total range. For this electric skateboard review, it was a toss-up between these 2 for the best budget choice.

    7. Backfire Ranger X2

    Why we love it: Off-road king

    Max speed: 22 mph

    Max range: 18.5 miles

    Size: 40″ x 9.5″

    Weight: 28 lbs

    Motor: 2 x 1200W

    Max incline: 30 degrees


    • Huge, powerful all-terrain tires
    • Absorbs shock very well
    • Super-powerful motor
    • Amazing ability on hills
    • High top speed
    • Superb control


    • Fairly expensive
    • Average range
    • With better waterproofing, it would be in a class of its own

    Is it an electric longboard or a monster truck? Just looking at the Backfire Ranger X2 gives us the impression we’re about to have a lot of fun.

    We’re right – this is one of the most enjoyable electric skateboards to ride, even on flat terrain. When you go off-road, it’s even better. There’s a reason for this, and it’s called fortified 165mm rubber wheels. These absorb shock from even the roughest terrain and make this board appropriate for riding on grass or mud as well as dirt tracks.

    The shock-absorbing properties are boosted by the concave deck, which helps keep you stable wherever you’re headed. An important question for off-road electric boards is how they handle hills. We’re delighted to report that the Ranger X2 cruises up a 30-degree incline as if it was nothing. Its top speed of 22mph is also pretty sharp for such a hefty electric longboard.

    This powerful electric skateboard is backed up by a pair of ultra-high power, high-torque 1200W motors, and a 50.4V battery. The deck can be raised or dropped depending on your preference, which is a very cool feature. It also includes double kingpin trucks at both ends for increased comfort.

    As off-road lovers, it pains us to find fault – however, the range could be slightly improved. 18.5 miles is pretty solid, but that’s tested on easy surfaces. Off-road riding will tax the battery more and it could be more like 15 miles max – still a very respectable range.

    An occupational hazard of electric longboards is that they don’t like wet conditions. This isn’t an issue unique to the Ranger X2, but as a rough-terrain rider, we’d love it if the body was more water-resistant – unfortunately, it’s not.

    All the same, this is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding electric skateboards on the market. We love it.

    8. Teamgee H20T

    Why we love it: Easy rider

    Max speed: 26 mph

    Max range: 22 miles

    Size: 38″ x 9″

    Weight: 21 lbs

    Motor: 2 x 600W

    Max incline: 30 degrees


    • Very stable
    • High top speed
    • Fantastic acceleration
    • Durable deck
    • Good range
    • Handles steep inclines well


    • Not the lightest
    • Braking could be more responsive

    The Teamgee H20T is a sleek, attractive board that takes just 3-5 seconds to reach its impressive top speed of 26mph. Make sure you’re not leaning back, because the 600w dual hub motors on this electric skateboard want to take you places.

    The board weighs in at a fairly standard 21lbs – its flexible deck is made of combined cedar and glass fiber, which helps to absorb shock and provides a very comfortable ride. Build-quality enthusiasts might prefer an all-wood body to the fiberglass component, but it performs extremely well under stress and gives the deck extra durability.

    The board boasts a range of 22 miles and is well-suited to urban riding. Its remote control has a simple, accessible design and you can switch to your preferred riding mode easily.

    It can tackle gradients of up to 30 degrees, making it a great choice for hill-climbing. Its rubber wheels add another layer of comfort – overall, it’s a very solid choice at a good price.

    9. Backfire G2T

    Why we love it: Good choice for novice skaters

    Max speed: 23.5 mph

    Max range: 14.9 miles

    Size: 37″ x 8.85″

    Weight: 14.5 lbs

    Motor: 2 x 350W

    Max incline: 25 degrees


    • Pretty fast
    • Good handling
    • Shock-absorbant
    • Good choice for beginners
    • High-quality build materials
    • Good for urban environments
    • Very lightweight


    • Middling range
    • Struggles with slopes

    The Backfire G2T is a slightly smaller electric skateboard than the Zealot but still packs a punch with a maximum speed of 23.5mph in Turbo mode. It’s very light, weighing in at 14.5lbs, and is a great choice for urban riding.

    It’s powered by dual 350W hub motors and supported by Caliber II trucks, which are among the best on the market – Backfire is renowned for its build quality and doesn’t compromise here. That’s nice to see because this board is well-designed for beginners, and we want to make new skaters feel appreciated!

    Its range is fairly average at 14.9 miles. It claims to handle a maximum incline of 25 degrees, although this doesn’t necessarily hold up in practice – the board suffers a notable drop in performance over 15 degrees.

    10. Evolve Bamboo GTR Street

    Why we love it: Pretty as a picture

    Max speed: 26 mph

    Max range: 31 miles

    Size: 38″ x 12″

    Weight: 22 lbs

    Motor: 2 x 1500W

    Max incline: 30 degrees


    • Excellent range
    • Reaches great speeds
    • Beautiful design
    • Comfortable to ride
    • Well-made remote
    • Suitable for most terrains


    • Expensive
    • Fairly heavy

    Evolve say that the Bamboo GTR Street is an electric skateboard designed to mimic the aesthetics of a 1970s muscle car. With its incredible range of 31 miles, you could certainly spend plenty of time cruising this beauty around the city streets without needing to stop for fuel.

    Its top speed is an impressive 26mph, driven by 2 x 1500W motors. It can handle an incline of 30 degrees when in GTR mode – Evolve skateboards come with the R2 remote, which is one of the best-designed controls on the market.

    Its bamboo/fiberglass body is supple and comfortable for your feet, which is good news for a board that favors long-range riding. It’s slightly on the heavy side, but this is a great electric longboard if you can afford the high prices that come with the brand name.

    11. Skatebolt Tornado Pro A

    Why we love it: Built for performance

    Max speed: 26mph

    Max range: 24 miles

    Size: 39″ x 9.5″

    Weight: 19.5lbs

    Motor: 2 x 350W

    Max incline: 25 degrees


    • Very fast
    • Great range
    • Powerful motors
    • Replaceable wheel sleeves
    • Climbs hills well


    • Generally just a more expensive version of the Tornado II

    You’re looking at the specs for the Skatebolt Tornado Pro A and you’re wondering how this is #11 when the Skatebolt Tornado II was our top pick. It’s a fair question.

    This is one of the best electric skateboards we’ve seen – no doubt about it. The 26mph max speed is excellent; the 24-mile range is very impressive. It’s only 0.5lbs heavier than the Tornado II and each of its motors is 100W more powerful, which means you’ll maintain those top speeds more easily. It’s a little bit narrower – this could be a pro or a con depending on your preference.

    It also has the option to replace the wheel sleeves, which is lacking on the Tornado II. So surely this board deserves a bit more love?

    The reason we’ve put this lower down the list is that it’s one of the best electric skateboards, but is made slightly redundant because the Tornado II costs around $200 less. Fractionally increased engine power and replaceable wheel sleeves don’t justify the difference.

    It’s a great electric longboard! But you can spend a lot less on a very similar experience.

    Best Electric Skateboard for Kids and Teenagers

    Swagtron Swagskate NG-3

    Why we love it: Best choice for younger kids

    • Max speed: 9.3mph
    • Max range: 6 miles
    • Size: 19.5″ x 9″
    • Weight: 8lbs
    • Motor: 1 x 100W
    • Max incline: 5 degrees

    We like to consider the best electric skateboards for all riders, and that includes young ones. Getting started early develops a healthy love of skating.

    The Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 isn’t just a fun name to say aloud – it’s a brilliant kids’ skateboard with superb control and design. Its max speed of 9.3mph is fast enough for kids of all ages to feel the rush but still comfortable. It benefits from 72mm urethane wheels for increased stability.

    Its speed modes adjust automatically, so there’s no need for a remote. The board will also come to a complete stop when dismounted – its sensor system is cutting-edge.

    We love the design, we love the features, we love the name. This smart little electric skateboard also comes at a good price, for all its intelligent design features. A great choice for your young skater.


    • Great for kids
    • Intuitive auto-sensor system
    • Affordable
    • Brakes automatically upon dismount
    • Excellent control
    • Not too fast, not too slow


    • Takes a few tries to get used to the auto-sensors
    • Almost too Swagtastic, if anything

    Hiboy S11

    Why we love it: Best choice for teenagers

    • Max speed: 12.4mph
    • Max range: <9 miles
    • Size: 29″ x 7.8″
    • Weight: 8.5lbs
    • Motor: 1 x 250W
    • Max incline: 8 degrees

    The Hiboy S11 is powered by a single 250W motor and can reach speeds of 12.4mph, traveling for almost 9 miles. Its 29″ deck makes it a true beginner longboard and offers plenty of room to accommodate those annoying growth spurts your teenagers have whenever you buy them new things.

    It’s a great way for teenagers to get around safely and easily and is one of the best electric longboards in its category. The Acton Blink S-R was a solid competitor for the Hiboy, but unfortunately, Acton seems to have discontinued the board.

    It charges quickly, so your teen won’t have to worry about the dreaded dead battery. If you’re looking for a new electric skateboard for teenagers, the Hiboy S11 is a wonderful choice.


    • Easy to control
    • Attractive design
    • Lightweight
    • Perfect for getting to and from school
    • Good size
    • Fast charging
    • Affordable


    • The range could be higher

    Best Electric Skateboard: What to Look For

    Choosing electric skateboards doesn’t need to be a labor. Let’s consider the most important factors when you’re looking to buy a new board.


    The most important comfort feature of a board is that you feel comfortable standing on it. If the deck is too narrow, you’ll feel unbalanced and riding won’t be a smooth experience. Especially for taller and heavier riders, board width is a vital consideration.

    Equally, the length is important. A longer board will typically be easier to control, but you’ll get tighter maneuvers with a shorter board.


    Electric skateboards’ top speeds can be a misleading buying factor. This isn’t just because it depends on the weight the board is carrying (weaker engines will typically experience more drag from heavier riders). It’s because you might not need that upper-speed limit.

    26mph is pretty fast. You need to be a skilled rider to control a board at that pace. If you don’t think you’ll ever go much above 20mph, why pay more for the extra pace?

    However, for experienced riders, it can be frustrating if a board won’t give you the enhanced riding experience you need. When you need speed, this factor isn’t worth compromising on.

    Most e-boards also come with a remote control offering several speed modes. This helps you stay in control – you generally want a remote with at least two riding modes.

    Deck Materials

    The best electric skateboards are made from top-quality materials such as maple wood or bamboo. Fiberglass is another popular and durable option for the deck, although it doesn’t give you quite the same natural spring as wood.

    A carbon deck is less common on electric longboards these days – it’s less environmentally friendly and less comfortable to stand on. Try to pick a board made from top-quality materials – you’ll feel the difference.

    Carrying Weight

    The board’s upper weight limit is a key metric for heavier riders. Most boards can handle around 220lbs, but some carry upwards of 300lbs with ease. Find a board that offers you the support you need – this is vital both for comfort and safety reasons.

    Board Weight

    What if the worst happens and the battery runs out? You can either ride on the old-fashioned way or carry the board and hope that you won’t have to take on any large hills.

    E-boards with a lower range and high weight put you most at risk of some unwanted manual labor. Low-weight boards also tend to have more sensitive handling.

    Battery Life

    This determines how long you can travel without charging up. It’s a crucial buying factor depending on the type of travel you’re planning. If you have a long commute or you’re planning to get lost down country roads, you want higher battery life.

    Motor Type

    Most boards use hub motors. However, some use belt-driven motors – here’s the difference.

    Hub Motors

    These tend to be lighter and create much less noise than a belt-driven motor. This category also includes direct-drive motors, which provide power to wheels independently.

    Belt-Driven Motors

    You’ll rarely find a belt-driven motor on an e-board, but they provide incredible power. They’re preferred by some off-terrain fans for this reason.


    Electric skateboards don’t tend to get on with wet weather. Some boards have partial or full weatherproofing, but at the end of the day, it’s a piece of electrical equipment without any great coverage options.

    User reviews are often a good way to learn how a board’s waterproofing holds up.


    Choosing an electric skateboard from a top brand is always a good idea. The price might be slightly higher, but you’re guaranteed high-quality materials and rigorous testing with the top brands.


    While we recommend buying from leading brands, some price themselves out of the market. This is our issue with boards like the Boosted Stealth board – it’s good, but the price is simply too high to justify the features. Only a few high-end boards like the Halo Board Beast truly justify higher costs.


    Most boards come with a 6-month warranty. Some manufacturers may offer extended warranties when purchased directly – however, it’s uncommon to get much longer than 9 months.


    What is the best brand of electric skateboard?

    There’s no single market leader. Top brands include Skatebolt, Halo Board, Backfire, and Meepo. Some specialize in higher-end designs and features, while others offer incredible value.

    Which electric board is best?

    Take a look at our guide and find the option that suits you! Our top choice for 2024 is the Skatebolt Tornado II.

    What is the name of the electric skateboard?

    They’re also known as e-stake or esk8 boards. Larger models are sometimes called electric longboards.

    Are Boosted Boards the best?

    The Boosted board is a classic, but it’s arguably not a top manufacturer anymore. The price of models like the Boosted Stealth isn’t justifiable compared to other leading brands. However, Boosted is still a very good manufacturer.

    Our Verdict

    For its superb features, great price, and all-around performance, the Skatebolt Tornado II remains our leading choice for 2024. However, there’s no perfect board, and everyone’s buying reasons are unique.

    Check out the list. Find your ride. Enjoy.

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