The Best Electric Jet Skis of 2024 – Ultimate Guide

The best electric jet skis on the market

What is an Electric Jet Ski?

An electric jet ski is a type of personal watercraft that is powered by an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine for propulsion. Much like electric cars, some models offer similar features such as integrated GPS tracking systems and Bluetooth connectivity to allow users to monitor data such as battery life and distance traveled.

Electric jet skis can be used in many different ways, from recreational activities such as sightseeing and accessing remote areas to more extreme sports, like racing or performing stunts. Electric PWCs are also increasingly being used in water rescue operations due to their quiet operation, low maintenance requirements, and ability to carry multiple passengers comfortably.

Our Top Picks

1. Taiga Motor’s ORCA

The Taiga Orca Electric Jet Ski

The World’s First Electric Jet Ski

Top Speed65 mph
Weight533 pounds
Range27 miles
Battery capacity20 kWh
Performance180 hp
Rider Capacity1-2 Persons
MaterialCarbon Fiber Body

Taiga Motors is a Canadian company on the leading edge of green transportation. Since 2015, they have been revolutionizing the powersports industry with their electric alternatives; from sleek jet skis to powerful snowmobiles, Taiga has something for every thrill-seeker looking for an eco-friendly way to get their adventure fix!

2. The Narke GT95 Electrojet

Currently Sold Out

Top Speed47 mph
Battery TypeLithium-ion 24 kWh
Range31 miles (2 hours)
Dry Weight926 lbs
Weight Capacity496 lbs
Length158.2 inches / 402 cm
Width46.8 inches / 119 cm
Height43.2 inches / 110 cm
Charge Time1.5 – 6 Hours*
Seating Capacity1-3 Persons

The Narke GT95 Electrojet is the ultimate combination of power, speed and agility – perfect for exciting summer getaways with family or friends. Offering a whopping 95 horsepower and reaching speeds up to 43 MPH, this electric watercraft guarantees an exhilarating ride while still providing excellent handling for maximum maneuverability on the waves!

3. T3MP3ST Maverick GT

Possibly The Most Expensive PWC Ever Made

Top Speed70 mph*
Seating Capacity1-4 Persons
Range75-150 miles
Runtime3-5 hours
Motor525 hp Marine Grade
Battery150k Wh Modular System
ChargerUp to 80% Charge in 1 hour
HullDeep-V Deadrise Carbon Fiber

With batteries that are about the same size as the Tesla Model 3, is the ultimate adventure vehicle, combining stealthy electric power with incredible speed and strength. With a 350-horsepower H3X 3D printed engine, it can reach top speeds of around 70mph while towing in surf spots such as Mavericks or carrying passengers thanks to its custom RIB hull attachment. Going beyond just riding big waves – this revolutionary craft has enough torque to propel across up 100 foot swells yet runs completely silently so as not disturb marine life along the way! Offering an impressive range up to 150 miles per charge, there’s no limit for what you can experience on your next dream voyage aboard one these amazing vessels.

4. Supermarine MM01

Fastest Jet Ski

Max Speed75 mph*
Type of EngineElectric
Max Power220 Kw / 300 Hp
Max Torque450 Nm
Length137.8 inches / 350 cm
Width51.2 inches / 130 cm
Height43.3 inches / 110 cm
Battery TypeLithium
Riding TimeUp to 2 hours
Charging TimeLess than 1 hour

Thrill seekers will love the Supermarine MM01. This compact and powerful jet ski is famous for its turbo charged engines. It is touted as the fastest jet ski on the market with an impressive top speed of 75 mph. This French-made electric jet ski values quality over all as it is made with noble materials and hand-finished.


How much do electric jet skis cost?

Electric jet skis can vary widely in cost, depending on the model and features. Depending on which company you go with, you could be looking at a price range between $10,000-$100,000+.

This may seem expensive for those looking to purchase an electric jet ski, but the long-lasting batteries, high performance, and technological advancements make it worth the investment for those who are serious about getting out on the water.

What Is A Stand Up Jet Ski?

In the jet ski world, a stand up jet ski is a type of personal watercraft designed for use in waves. The rider stands on the craft rather than sitting down, allowing them to lean and shift their weight more easily when maneuvering through the water. Stand up jet skis usually feature one or two cylinders and are powered by either two-stroke or four-stroke engines. They are often smaller and less powerful than their sit-down counterparts, making them ideal for recreational use. Stand up jet skis typically feature a foam pad that the rider stands on, as well as handlebars or foot straps to help maintain balance while riding.

Is the an Electric Seadoo?

At this point in time, there is no Electric Seadoo available on the market, but there is a model in development with an expected release date in 2026. When this vehicle does release, expect it to sell out within a week…maybe even hours.

Are Electric Jet Skis Safe?

It is important for users to follow all safety guidelines when operating electric vehicles; this includes always wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) whenever going out on the water, avoiding alcohol or drugs when operating these electric vehicles, and understanding the local laws and regulations for usage. Following these precautions can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.

What features should you consider before buying an Electric Jet Ski?

When purchasing an electric jet ski, potential consumers should consider factors such as the , battery life, range, GPS tracking system, digital display, noise level, and ease of use.

How to buy an Electric Jet Ski?

You can place orders online on the manufacturers’ official company websites. For more information on electric jet skis, potential buyers should speak to an experienced salesperson at their local dealership who will be able to answer any questions related to purchasing, operation, maintenance, and safety.

Additionally, researching online can provide further insight into different electric watercraft companies models, and reviews from existing owners.


With the way the world is going, it was only a matter of time before the personal watercraft market went electric. While these vehicles are capable of feats already, we have yet to see this industry hit its ceiling. Expect to see more startup companies developing water crafts that push the boundaries of technology and appeal to riders. Additionally, you can expect to see people create wild videos where they test the limits of each new vehicle.

For more information on other types of jet skis on the market (not just the ones that run on electricity) check out our jet ski guide.

Happy riding!

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