The 12 Best Electric Bikes Of 2024: Ultimate Buyers Guide

Girl riding one of the best electric bikes on the market

What Are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are regular bicycles with an electric motor and battery attached to the back of the bike. Electric bikes are faster and more powerful than a traditional bike and they are also heavier. The motor helps with pedal-assist, allowing riders to travel longer distances, tackle tougher climbs, steep hills, and maintain a faster pace. The motor is not like that of electric scooters or unicycles.

E-bikes reduce fossil fuel usage and emissions from transport while simultaneously offering an enjoyable way for commuters to travel. Riders can use electric road bikes as commuter bikes as a way of replacing car trips. The benefits of an e-bike include extended ride length, the ability to cycle despite previous injuries (such as knee or back pain), and enjoy the comfort and convenience of cycling without breaking a sweat.

The 12 Best Electric Bikes of 2023

Our Top Picks

1. Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0

RangeUp to 93 miles / 150 km on a single charge.
Top Speed28 MPH (45 km/h)
Charge TimeApproximately 2.5 hours
TiresPathfinder Sport Reflect, 650Bx2.3
Weight57.5 lbs

The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 is a reliable and powerful electric bike that is perfect for everyday commuting. It features a comfortable upright riding position, responsive aluminum frame, and lightweight components. The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 also includes a range of technological features such as an integrated LED headlight and tail light system, Bluetooth connectivity for the Specialized Control smartphone app, and a Turbo Connect Display (TCD) for programming ride data. The battery has an impressive range of up to 140 miles on a single charge, which allows riders to go farther and stay out longer. The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 is definitely the bike of choice for those looking to take their commute to the next level. With its powerful motor and long lasting battery life, this electric bike can provide a reliable and convenient way to get around town as well as a top ride quality.


Range40-75 miles
Top Speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Charge Time6-7 hours
TiresGRZLY All-Terrain Tires
Weight84 lbs (38.1 kg)

The SUPER73-RX MOJAVE electric bike provides the perfect balance of power and performance, with an integrated throttle to help you get around town or out to the trails quickly and efficiently. Featuring a powerful 750W motor, adjustable suspension, and a long-range battery capable of providing up to 28 miles of range, the SUPER73-RX MOJAVE is perfect for tackling any terrain. Plus, it looks great too!

With its unique, rugged design, the SUPER73-RX MOJAVE stands out from the crowd and makes a statement wherever you go. Its frame is constructed with durable aluminum, designed to take on rough surfaces and challenging terrain. The mechanical disc brakes provide superior stopping power in even the rainiest of conditions, while the adjustable air suspension ensures a comfortable ride.

3. Ribble Hybrid AL e

RangeUp to 60 miles (96.5km)
Top Speed15 mph (24 km/h)
Charge TimeApproximately 3.5 hours
Tires650x47mm or 700x45mm
WeightAbout 25 lbs

The Ribble Hybrid AL e is a stylish and affordable electric hybrid bike that offers a stable and comfortable ride position. The bike features an Ebikemotion X35 Smart System motor and, an aluminium frame, and a carbon fork. It comes with a fully loaded package that includes fenders, lights, and a rear rack, making it perfect for daily commuting or weekend rides. The bike’s design hides away the motor incredibly well, giving it a clean and stylish look. The motor delivers power smoothly and efficiently, offering a long-range between charges. The bike’s top speed and handling are good, but not as impressive as some other models. Pros of the bike include its great looks, smooth power-assisted ride, and affordability. Cons include an alloy seatpost prone to scuffs and scratches and rattily fenders/mudguards. Overall, the Ribble Hybrid AL e is a great electric for those looking for a stylish and affordable option for daily commuting or weekend rides. Consider the alloy seatpost and fenders/mudguards when making your purchasing decision.

4. Aventon Pace 500.3

Top Speed28 mph
Charge Time4-5 Hours
TiresPuncture Resistance
Weight52 lbs
Dimensions150 cm x 27 cm x 86 cm

Aventon Pace 500.3 is a great commuting bike that offers both speed and comfort. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, powerful motor, and Shimano gear system for smooth shifting. The bike has puncture resistant tires which give you ample traction and stability while going over terrain. The adjustable stem makes it easy to adjust the handlebar height so riders of varying heights can find the perfect riding position. It also has integrated lights and reflective decals for increased visibility when it gets dark. The Pace 500.3 comes with a 2-year warranty and can be easily serviced at any bike shop. Whether you’re looking for a good commuter bike or just need something to have some fun, the Aventon Pace 500.3 is an excellent choice.

5. Biktrix Stunner X 6

Range25-45 miles (45-72 km)
Top Speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Charge TimeApproximately 4.5 hours
TiresFat Tires
Weight62.8 lb (28.5 kg)

The Biktrix Stunner X 6 electric bike is a versatile and powerful option for riders seeking a solid ride in any terrain and weather condition. Equipped with an 910 Wh battery and Bafang 750w mid-drive motor, it offers a max estimated range of 25-50 miles and a max assisted speed of 20 mph. The bike’s Shimano Alivio 9-speed gearing and 26-inch wheel diameter provide a smooth and comfortable ride, while its weight of 65.8 pounds (with large battery) ensures stability and durability. The Stunner X’s standout features include its ability to handle rough terrain, good hill-climbing power, and smooth mid-drive motor. Though its Bafang controller can be a bit difficult to master, the Stunner X’s all-weather capabilities and solid performance make it an excellent choice for both on- and off-road adventures.

6. Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert

Range80 miles (128.75 km/h)
Top SpeedUp to 28 mph (45 km)
Charge TimeApproximately 2.5 hours
WeightAbout 26.5 lbs (12 kg)

The Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert electric bike is a high-end road bike that offers a sleek design, top-quality components, and excellent performance. It features a carbon frame, Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes, and a 240W Specialized SL 1.1 custom motor that provides up to 80 miles of range. The bike also comes with a 320Wh internal battery and a 160Wh Range Extender that adds up to 40 more miles of range, making it perfect for long weekend rides. With a weight of only 13.7kg, the Creo SL Expert is one of the lightest e-bikes on the market, providing a zippy and responsive ride. Additionally, the bike comes with a Turbo Connect Unit that allows riders to connect to its own app and customize the motor’s settings for their of riding. While the bike’s price tag may be exclusionary, the Creo SL Expert offers a unique and impressive riding experience.

7. Swft Volt

RangeUp to 32 miles (51.5 km)
Top Speed20 mph (32.2 km/h)
Charge TimeUp to 6 hours
TiresRoad tires
Weight44 lbs (20 kg)

The Swft Volt electric bike is a great option for those looking for an affordable electric bike. It has a 10Ah, 36V battery that can take you up to 32 miles on a single charge and a powerful 350W motor that can assist you up to 19.8 mph. The bike also has both pedal-assist and a throttle for added convenience. One of the best things about the Swft Volt is that it doesn’t look like an e-bike, giving it a sleek and stylish design. However, it does have some compromises, such as a non-removable battery part, basic display, and single gear. Overall, the Swft Volt is the best electric bike for those on a limited budget who want to enjoy e-bike benefits.

8. Canyon Precede:ON CF 9 ST

RangeUp to 62 miles (100 km)
Top SpeedN/A
Charge TimeUp to 6 hours
TiresSchwalbe G-One Allround 57mm
Weight48.5 lbs (22 kg)

The Canyon Precede:ON CF 9 ST is a stylish and efficient electric bike designed for everyday local rides. It features a Bosch Performance Line CX (Gen4) motor and a Bosch PowerTube 500Wh battery that allows for automatic gear changes and integrated lights. The bike’s carbon frame and fork, Gates CDX belt, Miranda Delta Crank, and Alexrims wheels with Schwalbe G-ONE tyres make for a comfortable ride on multi-terrain settings. The built-in accessories such as mudguards, rack, and kickstand add to the bike’s convenience and style. However, the Precede:ON CF 9 ST is one of the heaviest e-bikes on the market, weighing 51.14lbs/23.2kg, and has a limited travel range. Overall, this electric bike is best suited for those who prioritize style and convenience in their everyday rides and are willing to invest in a higher-end bike.

9. Ampler Curt

RangeUp to 62 miles (100 km)
Top Speed15.5 mph (25 km/h)
Charge TimeUp to 2.5 hours
Weight29 lbs (13.15 kg)

Ampler is a brand that focuses on creating stylish and efficient electric bikes that are easy to use. The Ampler Curt is one of their most popular models, featuring a lightweight frame that weighs between 13.5-14.3kg, a powerful 250W motor, and a long-lasting battery that can provide a maximum range of 43.5 miles. The bike is designed for nippy city riding and longer trips where efficiency is a concern. It features skinny racing tires, superb hydraulic disc brakes, and a carbon belt drive that requires minimal maintenance. The bike is also incredibly easy to use, with a clutter-free one-button operation and a smartphone app that allows users to customize their electric settings. The Ampler Curt is ideal for anyone looking for a stylish and subtle electric bike that’s fast, efficient, and easy to use.

10. Giant Trance E + 1 Pro

RangeUp to 60 miles (97 km)
Top Speed28 mph (45 km/h)
Charge TimeUp to 3 hours
Weight40 lbs (18.1 kg)

The Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro is an electric mountain bike that offers a great combination of price and performance. It features a Yamaha-made mid-drive motor with a 500Wh battery, providing a smooth torque output and a decent range. The bike has a Shimano 12-speed gearing system and Giant’s popular Maestro suspension package, making it suitable for rough terrain. It weighs around 53 pounds but feels easy to control and agile, which is not typical for an electric mountain bike. The bike is available in four sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for most riders. The Trance E+ 1 Pro is a good option for mountain bikers looking for an extra boost when climbing rugged trails. However, it may not be ideal for those who prefer a lighter.

11. Gocycle G4i+

RangeUp to 50 miles (80km)
Top Speed20 mph (32 km/h)
Charge TimeUp to 3.5 hours
Weight37.2 lb (16.9 kg)

If you’re in the market for a lightweight, feature-rich, and stylish folding bike, the GoCycle G4i+ is an excellent choice. Designed by a former supercar engineer, this bike is made almost entirely of carbon fiber, including the one-piece spoked carbon wheels and the folding frame. Despite its minimalist design, it boasts a range of features, including predictive electric shifting, a powerful front and rear hub motor each, and hydraulic disk brakes. The G4i+ is also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 36 pounds, making it one of the lightest folding e-bikes on the market.

This electric bike is not only stylish and feature-rich, but it’s also practical for dedicated bike commuters who are low on space. Its convenient folding mechanism and rear wheel makes it easy to collapse and unfold, and it can be done in just a few seconds with a little practice. The G4i+ also has a fantastic smartphone app, but one of the downsides is that the smartphone holder is flimsy.

The GoCycle G4i+ is an excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight, feature-rich, and stylish folding electric bike. With its sleek design, powerful motor, and convenient folding mechanism, it’s undeniably one of the best lightweight folding e-bikes of 2023. Its futuristic design and unique features make it stand out from the crowd, and its lightweight build makes it practical for daily commuting. While there are some downsides, such as the need to purchase additional accessories like a headlight and mudguards, the G4i+ is a fantastic investment for those who want a high-quality folding electric bike that is easy to use and packed with features. Overall, we highly recommend the GoCycle G4i+ for anyone who wants a stylish, practical, and feature-rich folding e-bike.

12. Cowboy Classic

RangeUp to 50 miles (80km)
Top Speed20 mph (32 km/h)
Charge Time3 hours 20 minutes
Weight41.7 lb (18.9 kg)

The Cowboy Classic is ideal for all types of riders, from casual cyclists to mountain bikers. It’s equipped with a powerful 250-watt motor that allows you to reach speeds up to 20mph and climb steep hills or terrains with ease. Additionally, it has four levels of pedal assist mode that provides extra power when needed, while its hydraulic disc brakes provide superior stopping power. Its full-suspension frame and adjustable stem make it comfortable to ride, while its integrated LED lighting system provides added visibility for nighttime riding. The Cowboy Classic also has an impressive range of up to 70 miles on a single charge, making it great for long rides or commutes.

The Cowboy Classic Electric Bike also comes with a variety of accessories and features such as USB charging ports, fenders, rear rack, and optional kickstands. With all these features combined, you can easily customize your electric bike to your specific needs and preferences. The Cowboy Classic is also lightweight, making it easy to transport or store when not in use.

If you’re looking for an electric bike that packs a lot of power and convenience into one package, the Cowboy Classic Electric Bike is the perfect choice for you.

What to consider when buying electric bikes

1. Power and speed

Depending on how you plan to use the bike, you need to consider power and speed. If you will be riding on or uneven terrain, you may need more power and higher top speed than if you plan to ride city bike mainly on flat surfaces.

2. Weight and weight distribution

The weight of the bike is important for comfort, maneuverability and ease of transport. You should also consider the weight distribution because this can have a major impact on how comfortable you are on the bike.

3. Pedal assistance and pedal-assist features

Most electric bikes come with some type of pedal assistance, either in the form of a throttle or a selectable assist mode. Some bikes also have features such as regenerative braking that can help you get more out of your ride.

4. Range and recharging

The range of an electric bike generally depends on the battery size and power output. If you plan to ride e bike for long distances, then you need to pay close attention to the range and how quickly it recharges.

5. Comfort and seating

Comfort is an important factor when selecting a bike, so make sure to test out the seat and handlebars to ensure they are comfortable for you. You should also consider the frame size and shape, which can impact your overall fit on the bike.

6. Size and frame size

E-bikes come in a variety of sizes and frame types, so it is important to find one that fits you correctly. You should also consider the wheel size, since larger wheels can offer more stability at higher speeds.

7. Gearbox and motor system

The powertrain of the bike should be taken into account when selecting the right electric bike. Choose a system that is reliable and offers good performance. When it comes to the gearbox, you should consider the number of speeds available and how easy it is to shift. As far as motor system goes, compare different power outputs as well as efficiency and torque to ensure you are getting the most out of your bike.

8. Brakes and disc brakes

For safety, choose a bike with well-constructed brakes that work correctly. If you plan to ride in wet or slippery conditions, disc brakes can offer better control. Make sure to check the braking system thoroughly before making your purchase.

9. Drive system and belt drive

The type of drive system you choose is important for performance and overall efficiency. The two main types are chain-driven or belt-driven systems, and each has its own advantages. Chain-driven systems require more maintenance but can be more powerful, while belt drives offer a smoother ride with less noise. A good rule of thumb is to try out a few different systems and see which one works best for you.

10. Ability to Drift and Drifting System

The type of drive system you choose is important for performance and overall efficiency. The two main types are chain-driven or belt-driven systems, and each has its own advantages. Chain-driven systems require more maintenance but can be more powerful, while belt drives offer a smoother ride with less noise. A good rule of thumb is to try out a few different systems and see which one works best for you.

11. Electric Bikes: Accessibility and folding bikes

E-bikes can be a great way to broaden your horizons and explore new places. Look for bikes that are easy to transport, such as folding models or those with removable batteries. Additionally, consider the accessibility of electronic components like the throttle and display panel when selecting an e-bike.

12. Price and investment

Whether you’re buying your first electric bike or upgrading from an older model, it is important to consider the price. E-bikes can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, so look for models with features that will be useful for the type of riding you plan on doing. Additionally, think about how much you are willing to invest in the bike over time, as some models may require more maintenance or upgrades down the line.

13. Warranty and maintenance

Be sure to check the warranty and maintenance requirements of a bike before purchasing it. Look for models that come with a good warranty and are easy to maintain. It is also important to find out what kind of service and support the manufacturer offers in case something goes wrong with your bike. Companies such as Pedego offer comprehensive warranties and customer service, so be sure to research your options before making a decision.

14. Suspension

Suspension is an important component for electric bikes, as it can help make your ride smoother and more comfortable. Look for models that come with suspension systems that are adjustable or can be easily upgraded. This will allow you to customize your bike’s setup for different riding conditions.

15. Style and brand

Finally, consider the style and brand of electric bike you want. There are a variety of styles available, from traditional to futuristic. Additionally, look for brands that specialize in electric bikes in order to get the most out of your purchase. Companies such as Pedego and Aventon offer a wide range of electric bikes that are made with quality materials and provide excellent performance.

16. Accessories

Once you have chosen the, look for accessories that can help make the most of your riding experience. Consider items such as lights, locks, helmets, racks, and panniers for carrying items. These can help improve your safety and make it easier to transport goods when you’re out on the road. Additionally, think about investing in an electric bike-specific tool kit and carrying case to keep your bike running smoothly.

What are the benefits of using electric bikes?

1. Increased Speed and Power

E-bikes come equipped with an electric motor that helps riders reach a higher maximum speed. This can make getting around town easier and faster, especially for those who commute or have to cover long distances.

2. Reduced Physical Effort

Because electric bikes are powered by electricity, riders do not need to exert as much physical effort in order to move forward. This makes them ideal for those who are recovering from an injury or have limited mobility.

3. Increased Range and Comfort

Electric bikes allow riders to cover longer distances without tiring out. They also come with features such as padded seats and adjustable handlebars that make for a comfortable ride.

4. Variety of Models and Sizes

E-bikes come in a variety of models and sizes, making it easy for riders to find one that fits their needs. There are also folding electric bikes available for those who want something more compact and portable.

6. Environmentally Friendly

E-bikes are relatively easy to operate, requiring only a few steps before riding. Riders will also find them easier to ride compared to regular bicycles due to their improved balance and stability.

6. Electric Go-Kart: Steering Wheel Height

E-bikes best electric bikes are powered by electricity, meaning they do not emit any harmful gases or pollutants. This makes them a great choice for those who want a few bikes to reduce their carbon footprint.

7. Reduced Stress on Joints and Bones

Riding an electric bike requires less physical effort, meaning there is less strain on the joints and bones. This makes them ideal for those with conditions such as arthritis or joint pain.

8. Added Safety Benefits

E-bikes come with built-in safety features such as powerful brakes and puncture-resistant tires. This ensures that riders have a safe and enjoyable ride, no matter where they are going.

9. Reduced Costs Compared to Gas-Powered Vehicles

Using an electric road bike can significantly reduce transportation costs since electricity usually cheaper than gas. Additionally, there are no ongoing maintenance costs associated with e-bikes, making them a cost-effective option for commuters.

10. Exercise and Fitness Benefits

Though e-bikes are powered by electricity, riders can still get a good workout while riding. This is due to the fact riding bikes are that they require some physical in order to move forward. E-bikes are thus a great option for those looking to stay fit and active.


What is the best electric bike?

The Specialized Globe Haul ST is touted as one of the best electric bikes on the market. It features a powerful motor and adjustable handlebar, making it an ideal choice for commuters and casual riders alike.

Is it necessary to wear a helmet while riding an electric bike?

Yes, it is highly recommended that riders always wear helmets while riding e-bikes. This will protect them from any potential injuries that may occur. Additionally, some states and cities require riders to wear helmets while riding electric bikes regardless of their age or experience level.

What features should I consider when buying an electric bike?

When buying an electric bike, there are several features you should consider such as the motor power, battery capacity, and range best electric bike. It is also important to consider the frame size and weight, as well as any additional features such as adjustable handlebars or rear suspension or systems.

Are electric bikes safe?

Yes, electric bikes are generally safe to use provided that the rider follows all safety measures. They come with features such as powerful brakes and puncture-resistant tires, making them less prone to accidents. Additionally, riders should always wear helmets when riding electric bikes regardless of their age or experience level.

What is the difference between a road bike and an e-bike?

The main difference between a road bike and an e-bike is the motor power. Road bikes are powered by the rider, while electric bikes are powered by an electric motor. Electric bikes are also heavier and more powerful than road bikes, making them better suited for longer journeys or hilly terrain.

What motor system is best for electric bikes?

The best motor system for electric bikes depends on the rider’s needs and preferences. Generally, mid-drive motors are considered to be the most efficient, powerful, and reliable motor system for electric bikes. However, a hub motor tend to be more affordable, making them ideal for budget-conscious riders.

What is the maximum speed of an electric bike?

The maximum speed of an electric bike depends on the type and power of the motor, as well as the weight of the bike rac integrated batteryk and rider. Generally, electric bikes with a 250-watt motor can reach speeds of up to 25 mph, while those with a 500-watt motor can reach speeds of up to 28 mph.

What Are Electric Mountain Bikes?

Electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) are bicycles that are powered by a battery and motor, allowing for a smooth ride. They use the same frame and components as traditional mountain bikes, but with an electric motor to provide an extra boost when needed. E-MTBs are becoming increasingly popular for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors without having to expend too much energy.

What type of battery do electric bikes use?

Most electric bikes use lithium-ion batteries which are recharge and long-lasting. They come a variety of sizes, ranging from 36V to 48V and offer a range of up to 100 miles per charge. Batteries can be easily removed for charging or replaced when they wear out.

What is the difference between pedal-assist and throttle-assist?

Pedal-assist is when the electric motor only kicks in when the rider pedals, while throttle-assist or torque sensor is when the rider can switch on the motor without pedaling. Pedal-assist is more energy-efficient as it encourages riders to pedal, while throttle-assist or torque sensor allows for easier and faster acceleration.

What is a Cargo Bike?

A cargo bike is a type of bicycle designed specifically for transporting large loads. They are equipped with an extended frame, sometimes with a box or bucket attached to the front, and other features such as multiple gears, panniers, fenders, and a kickstand. A cargo bike is perfect for carrying shopping bags, packages, and even small furniture items.

With their large capacity and easy maneuverability electric cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers for running errands, commuting to work, and just getting around town. The best electric cargo bike can make all the difference in your daily ride. So, whether you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to get around town or just want to enjoy the convenience of a cargo bike, there’s sure to be an option for you.

Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?

Yes, electric bikes can be ridden in the rain as long as the rider takes precautions. Riders should ensure that all electrical components are properly sealed and waterproofed to protect them from moisture damage. Additionally, riders should always wear appropriate rain gear to stay dry.

What is the best way to maintain an electric bike?

To ensure that your electric bike is in good working condition, it is important to regularly inspect and maintain it. This includes checking the tires and brakes, cleaning any dirt or grime from the frame, and tightening any loose bolts or components. Additionally, you should regularly check the motor system and battery life to ensure that it is functioning properly.

What type of tires are best for electric bikes?

The best type of tires for an e-bike depends on the terrain and usage. Generally, it is recommended to use high-quality, puncture-resistant tires that can handle the increased weight and power of an electric bike. Additionally, a good fat tire electric bike can be a total gamechanger. Fat tire bikes tend to offer better traction and stability on bumpy terrain and provide a better ride quality. It is also important to regularly check the tire pressure and keep them inflated to the correct psi.

What are the advantages of folding electric bikes?

Folding electric bikes are ideal for urban commuters and travelers as they can be easily folded up for storage or transported in a car. Additionally, folding electric bikes are often lighter and more compact than regular electric bikes, making them easier to store in small spaces. Furthermore, folding electric bikes offer the same power and performance as regular electric bikes, making them the ideal commuter bike for those who need to travel longer distances.

Are electric bikes worth the investment?

Yes, electric bikes are definitely worth the investment. Electric bikes allow riders to cruise longer distances without expending too much energy or effort, making them a great choice for commuters, beach cruising, leisure riders, and anyone who wants to get the most out of their rides. Electric bikes also help reduce environmental impact by eliminating the need for cars, helping to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion.


By considering all of these factors, you can find the best electric bike for your needs. Whether it’s a casual fun ride around town or an intense off-road adventure, an electric bike can provide the perfect ride for any bike paths. So don’t hesitate – go find your perfect electric bike that suits your ride quality today!

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