Welcome! My name is Nick Varga and I’ve always liked cruising around on skateboards. As I grew older and graduated from college, my skateboard usage began to dwindle down. And then something happened…a long time buddy of mine got an electric unicycle, which sparked a new passion for personal electric vehicles.

Nick Varga riding a Onewheel in a pair of Yeezys

Discovering electric unicycles led me down a deep dive into the personal electric vehicle universe and Eride Journal was born. 

That’s when I realized there was a wide range of quality when it comes to electric vehicles and other gear on the market. 

This quality can range from cheap replicas to military-grade methods of transportation.

After testing countless gadgets and falling down so you don’t have to, we finally managed to assess the best (and worst) e-rides on the market.

I don’t qualify myself as an expert in all e-ride categories that is speaking from experience BUT I am a seasoned street cruiser and online content creator that is experienced in product research and can safely say that ALL the content published on this site has been written or overseen by a experienced rider.

I can’t promise that every piece of content will raise your adrenaline levels.

But I can promise that I will give you my best shot to make sure that you’re cruising on the best set of wheels to meet your wants and needs!